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Eyeglass Recycling

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

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This work objectified to present the process of the jewel creation parao Wax candle of Ours Mrs. of Nazar, had as base the reaproveitamento of the lenses of Cr39 eyeglasses, preventing its discarding in the nature. We join the recycled material, to precious metal GAC (silver). One of the necessities of this project is that in it has an incentive of the ambient recycling as an ecologically correct project. As methodology, a research of field in the city of Belm was made, to know the opinion and acceptance of the product for the possible consumers.

The project was born for belonging to a city where we have the second bigger religious party, known in all Brazil, it is about a manifestation of faith, and as symbology it has the image of Ns sr of Nazar. The Jiaentrar in the market as has drunk a toast to> customers, therefore at the time of the Wax candle of Nazar, in Belm, we have the habit to always offer to the customers toasts with the image of the saint, such as: shirts, caps, flammules, etc. the jewel will have as main base the silver and the stoned lens, this then being detached as semiprecious rock, receiving blue the color translucent, chosen for representing to the sky. With this the idea that we want to place in practical is emotion of the faith through the image of the padroeira saint of the city. In second plain we have the intention to export jewels, therefore we know that the wax candle, is known world-wide as a moment of experience of the Christian faith, with this will have in a well next future the national and international scope, a fan of possibility to become our known work world-wide. Word-Key: Jewel, Recycling, Lens of eyeglasses CR-39.

Recycling Energy

Friday, June 8th, 2012

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The first step is ' ' reciclarmos' ' the concept that we have of garbage, leaving of enxergar it as a dirty and useless thing in its totality. The garbage is wealth source and that to be recycled it must be separate through a simple gesture: to place the organic garbage (humid) in a collector and reciclvel garbage (dry) in another one. As we do not have selective collection in our city, after to separate the organic garbage of the inorgnico we will donate the material inorgnico, constituted to a large extent of materials that can be recycled, to a catador in day and schedule previously made right, so that it separates each material definitively in accordance with to them, and he directs them for the recycling the separation of the garbage alone has advantages and no disadvantage: Reduction of the material embedded or played the opened sky, preventing it pollution of air, land and water. Reduction of the extration of natural resources that many times are not you renewed, as the oil. Reduction of wastefulness. Reduction of the dump in clandestine places.

Reduction of the consumption of energy in the production. income generation, through the social inclusion and of the commercialization you recycle of them, among others. 2? Bibliographical revision the problem caused for the garbage devastates Brazil of long date, being that the recycling of these materials can be considered still incipient, currently 30% of the Brazilian cities, superior numbers the 1500, still do not count on no type of selective collection (CEMPRE, 2006). Pollution: It is the degradation of the ambient, resultant quality of activities that directly or indirectly: they harm the health, the security and well-being of the population; they create adverse conditions to the partner-economic activities; they affect biota favorable and the aesthetic or sanitary conditions of the environment; they launch substances or energy in disagreement with the established ambient standards.