Aconcagua Trekking

Asleep desires for adrenaline and adventure are awakened in Mendoza, due to their challenging snowy peaks, dense rainforest and its deep valleys natural, exposing glistening wishes of self-improvement and a thirst for intense experiences that perhaps we did not know we had. Tourism adventure in Mendoza seduces, provokes and attracts tourists. But to defy nature you must be prepared. People such as James A. Levine, M.D. would likely agree. It is a logic that can happen to anyone ascend to the Summit of the Aconcagua without demanding prior preparation. Therefore, to practice extreme sports and adventure tourism it should address a gradual preparation that will allow us to gradually increase the difficulty, having fun in the process the trekking (whose meaning would be hiking) then emerges as the ideal choice to enter this exciting world. The trekking is done on previously designed circuits, which can draw on various types of terrain. The possibilities are almost endless: there are desert Beach and mountain, trekking, by valleys or following the course of a specific watercourse.

In Mendoza, nearly all of these routes are possible, and even you can choose routes of varying degrees of difficulty, with workshops covering few hours or several days walk. Newbies in this stimulating activity must take into account some recommendations for a first successful experience. Lee marks follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Surely, nothing contributes so much to the success or failure of this experience as the choice of footwear to use. You should always opt for completely closed shoes, but lightweight. Essential: having soft and flexible soles.

Check before leaving the soles allow the game Plantar heel – tip with total freedom. If not, change of shoes immediately. Also special attention to stockings, and choose them soft and fine to minimize the risk of friction that could lead to a painful blister. Another must is the sunscreen. Half an hour before leaving, a generous layer must be applied in all parts of the body that remain exposed to solar radiation during the trip. Bring the container into the backpack for Reapply every two hours, and not to forget a pair of good Sunglasses: the reflection of the Sun on the snow or water can become seriously injured sight. The practice of trekking the ideal gateway to the exciting world of tourism is adventure in Mendoza.

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