Already Available Packs of Windows Vista SP1 in All Languages

It seems that Microsft has listened to some of its users seeking shouting a Service Pack 1 of Windows Vista for all languages. As we all know if downloads Service Pack in Spanish and try to install it on a Windows Vista in English we will not fail. This, for users with multiple computers with Vista in several languages or network administrators is a major handicap.

Now we will no longer have to worry about that, since they have drawn four very different packages for a complete each task. On the one hand the installation for Windows Vista 64-bit and installation for Windows Vista 32-bit. On the other hand a CD in ISO format with the installation of Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista 32-bit and finally a DVD in ISO format that contains both the installation of Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista at 64bit to 32 bits.
As you can see Microsoft has not wanted to leave out any loose and marks a point with this launch, in my opinion, quite necessary.

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