American Diet

The current generation is the generation of a quick meal. They need everything fast and without problems. They have no time to admire the nature that surrounds them and the nature perhaps, in order to attract his attention has taken the form of fat in the body. An average American visits fast food around three times in a week and consumes three burgers and fries fries four every week. So with that much consumption, what happened? They won the fat in the wrong places and at this time where the external appearance is more important than anything, doctor consulted for rapid weight loss program. Began to take pills to lose weight in order to reduce your weight quickly and in an article that Yes is safe for them, to make the people aware of the danger in which are carried out, following the road fast. The first assumption makes everyone is that the diet is the best way to reduce weight.

Actually it is not. To only five percent of the patients have success in the reducing your weight and diet health benefits. There are many negative effects of a diet that will not be a few days, but that would be after a few years. Relapse may occur after 3-5 years. A patient’s body can enter starvation mode and it can fall ill and could gain extra weight after exiting that mode. Perhaps check out Viktor Frankl for more information. Therefore not recommended for anyone to diet without consulting a doctor. Even if it’s 2-3 pounds, please, consult a physician. Work plan for the diet.

What are the pills weight loss? pills to lose weight also can be referred to as pass through the pads. They are used to loosen stool. Two example of pills to lose weight are: panolamine phenyl pro and caffeine. Most of the pills available in the market are laxatives (to loosen the stool) and others are addictive. These pills are for people whose body mass index is 35 or more. No patient should only rely on pills for lose weight. They must continue their diet and exercise for a healthy weight loss. Phen / Fen can have effects negative about a patient’s lungs as they increase the possibilities of primary pulmonary hypertension, that addiction SICAL, heacan be fatal. Other pills to lose weight, as caffeine should not be taken, I repeat, never should be taken for the control of the weight, since they are used to treat other diseases such as allergies, hay fever, asthma and bronchial dilation. The above-mentioned pills may increase the risk of addiction psychological and physical, high blood pressure, headache, depression, anxiety, and heart attack. Loss weight pills industry companies are finding new ways to combat obesity and other weight-related problems. Many of these medications work by limiting the ability of our man who is harmful to our health. The side effects of these pills can result in impotence, depression, loss of hair, heart attack, pain in the chest and other deadly diseases. Patients may not see side effects in a few days, but it will be after a few years. The pills should be taken only under the supervision of a physician, a proper diet and exercise routine. If you want a healthy weight loss following a proper diet should be consumed under medical supervision.

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