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Electric car is an automobile powered with electrical power. About 1902 the SOC was. Parisienne of Voitures electriques in Paris including automobiles under the name of Electrolette her. Other vehicles were known under the name of warrior General. From 1901 to 1920, electric vehicles was produced by the British Electromobile company in London; previously, the company had imported vehicles of other manufacturers such as B.G.S and warriors (France), Columbia (United States), as well as the Lohner-Porsche (Austria). B.E.C. resulted from the British and foreign electrical co., which built front-driven Warrior vehicles among others under licence.

From 1902 used the new brand name Electromobile and the vehicles of the brand were British origin. The Electromobile showed a 5 HP strong drive of the firm Greenwood & Batley, who allowed a speed of about 25 km / h. Joseph Angladas Electrocars were used in 1922 as taxi vehicles. The Powertrain was designed by General Electric and was under a front cover. The price of the of Electrocar Corporation in New Brunswick, new Jersey, was 2975 built vehicle $. A copy was issued in 1922 in the rooms of the New York Edison Co. of New York City; in April of the same year, another on the annual electric automobile show was presented.

1945-1946 a passenger car under the name of Electrociclo produced from Electrociclo S.a. in Eibar, Guipuzcoa. It was a small two seater with electric drive, that was developed with State funding. The gasoline shortage had let in these years in many European countries-similar projects. in 1951 two developers presented in Chicago the prototype of a three-wheeled electric car under the name Electrobile. The two-seater was designed as a shopping – and short-haul vehicle and had a plastic body; a DC motor served as a drive. A battery charger was embedded in the car. Whether this car underwent a series production, could be searched in any way. Today electric cars partly have proven themselves, strongly supports the further development of these electric cars by the Government is aimed at, It is to bring 1 million electric cars on the roads by 2020. In the distribution of electric cars is much more European neighbouring countries. Who want to purchase an electric car which gives the Federal Government with the help of tax credits, as a 10-year exemption the car tax. Our goal, by, it is to provide you with news & information so you continuously to keep as far as the development of electric cars and their drive.

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