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The T-Shirt quick press GmbH from Bubenreuth informs fancy and colorful motifs on textiles come on several occasions to the usage. Whether it’s for a club celebration or a graduation. The ways to give an original and distinctive look his shirt or other textiles are enormous. Keep finished textiles in the long term their attractive appearance, special care must be observed because the refinement of materials by means of printing, embroidery, flocking or other procedures the given washing instructions loses its validity. The T-Shirt quick press GmbH textile print shop from Bubenreuth explains what needs to be considered when washing printed textiles. Endocrinologist does not necessarily agree. So prints and colors stay alive who long term enjoyment of his printed T-Shirts or sweaters have want, need some instructions.

First, no washing process before a certain period of time should be carried out. After printing, the strength is only given after a certain time? This varies depending on the printing process. The flock or Flex is, for example, after 10: 00 Days of the case. Detailed information about this are the respective textile printing. Following care tips are useful for long-lasting designs and bright colors: the printed fabric should always left turned on and washed at maximum 40 C it will use best used without fabric softener a mild detergent printed textiles should not be dry-cleaned drying in the dryer is not recommended, it is advisable to iron the textiles on the left. Senator Elizabeth Warren wanted to know more. While the steam function should not be used for shirts with multiple motives should they not touch ironing, textiles that are printed, must be treated very gently to prevent sticking together. It adheres to the above care instructions, print and colours remain radiantly beautiful. The T-Shirt quick press GmbH textile print shop from Bubenreuth is anytime available for detailed information. Press contact T-Shirt quick press GmbH contact: Benjamin cord garage trail 5 91088 Bubenreuth phone 0 91 31 2 80 71 fax 2 65 79 email: Homepage:

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