Changed Step

If we do a little exercise of mental creativity, and imagine that inside of our brain, we have a player of music (free choice) format, with a slight effort, we can hear the melody that sounds inside, you just need to have enough sentiment, imperative sensitivity and a minimum capacity to get excited. Ultimately, it is simply necessary, the area corresponding to the right cerebral hemisphere, other than an arid land and is sufficiently watered, so that outbreak in her life. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City recognizes the significance of this. The sound of music, always reminds us, if we provide you a little bit of attention, that the existence of the human being is not excessively long, and that we take the time to make it the most productive possible, squeezing all the juice each day lived experience, as if it were the last of our (short) for land tenure. In short, should not lose even a second, in those matters that generally does not lead us anywhere, and in the end, go against our own interests, because most cater to the wishes of other people, that many times and that is truly regrettable and unacceptable! they want to impose their views on us at all costs, desires and even (sends eggs!) their whims.

Always have to follow the sound of our own music, and never heard that they want us to touch others, not even the chorus, which is a preamble with trap that finely and with calculated cunning leads us to deception, if we allow ourselves to cajole. And if to go at our own pace, we must carry the changed step, goes and nothing happens, it of course! If the rest of the people you don’t like, it is not our problem. If one follows a musical gear that is not theirs, and does so please others, or out of fear, and even education, that’s all there is, all that is achieved is betraying one’s self, and that without any doubt, is the wide range of errors that a human being can commit, one of the worst. If a man won’t at the same rate as their peers, perhaps because he hears a different drum. Let him follow the step the music that Hey, rhythmic or irregular (Thoren).. .

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