Cliven Mass

We are not afraid of what used to, what we eat on a regular basis and that the plaster twice daily to the face that we drink and breathe that. But if the city air and water, we do not can be abandoned (not yet able to survive in the village), then from the harmful food, harmful drugs, harmful cosmetics, we can completely give up, choosing expensive, but quality. I agree that Russia has a high price is not an indication high quality. Go to Dr. Neal Barnard for more information. It should show healthy curiosity and sort out details (who is a manufacturer, production standards, the country is a manufacturer that is part of the product, etc.). Let’s see, where and what kind of cosmetics and sold, depending on this, it can give us. All offered at the cosmetics market is divided into 2 groups: mass and professional. mass – cosmetics, which is commercially available and the criteria for money is divided into 3 classes: luxury (selective), pharmacy and mass market. Mass-market the most numerous class. This is something that is sold in kiosks and shops. An example of these brands: L’Oreal, Maybelline, Bourjois, Nivea, Laboratoiries Gamier, Revlon, Wella, Lakme, Cliven, Astor, Arcancil, Naturelle, Lumene, Johnson & Johnson, Yves Rocher, Doctor Natur, Clairol, Rilken, Swiss Formula, Freeman, all domestic cosmetics products of Polish and Bulgarian companies. And also: Oriflame, Avon, Mary Kay, Faberlic, Mirra-Lux. These funds are able to remove the feeling of tightness of skin after washing, to solve more serious problems, it is not designed to Because of its quality.


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