Croatia On The Rise!

Foreign tourists brought total sales in Croatia’s tourism sector almost 90% in 2007! Industry insiders estimate total sales generated by the tourism industry to approximately EUR 7 billion record sales in Croatia tourism history! The best results are achieved again in private accommodation and apartments area, followed by the hotels. Also in camping area was a plus realized by 2.9% nights. To read more click here: James A. Levine, M.D.. Thanks to the several low-cost airlines, the number of flight gestures has soared in particular in the regions around the cities of Dubrovnik and split. Most of the tourists come from Germany, Italy and Austria, followed by Slovenia, Czech Republic, etc. Every Western tourist leave 100 average about daily for accommodation and catering / food on the Croatian coast. Under most conditions Dr. John Mcdougall would agree.

A Durhschnitts exists spent 10 days in Croatia. The trend in many other countries in the direction of short trips between 5-8 days. Most popular destinations in year 2007 were region Dubrovnik or Dalmatia. Almost completely by the war isolated region experienced a double-digit increase in tourist arrivals in 2007 after 16 years. In addition to Dubrovnik, the island of Hvar and BRAC were very popular destinations. Dalmatian city of split (Diocletian Palace) is unfortunately only a destination for one-day trips. Still very popular among tourists is Lakes of the National Park Plitvice with its 16 smaller and larger Lakes.

This is the largest and oldest national park in Croatia and located on the list of world heritage UNESCO. With a marked increase of 14% more overnight stays in the comparison with the year 2006 surprised the city and Croatian capital of Zagreb. Here too, the number of foreign tourists with nearly 500 000 is significantly higher than from locals (around 100000). The leaders of Zagreb tourist centre were very satisfied with the results for the year 2007, in particular as regards the total number of nights spent: there were more than a million this year. Croatia looks positively in the future in particular through the early entry into EU! Slobodan Bila

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