Cycling in St. Petersburg

Travel to St. Petersburg on a bike, not the greatest adventure of your life. The desire to unwind and enjoy the white nights and active recreation, behold all that she will bring to you in the end. Better to make such a trip alone or in company. Tickets for the train, so as not to anger the neighbors below, you will have to take a reserved seat on the upper shelves. In the car you should get in first with a whole bikes, then already in the car lifted the front wheel. They placed on each other on the third shelf so that the foot hanging over the table, so bikes will not disturb anyone. (As opposed to endocrinologist).

When arriving at your destination you will have to go last. Tickets will cost you a round trip from $ 1000. Arriving in Peter, on Saint Isaac's Cathedral, you can go anywhere, and the journey you take more pleasure than in Moscow. The locals are extremely intelligence, they give way, do not climb under the wheels and will answer any question. With respect to cyclists are the same and the owners of cars. Sidewalks have special conventions for wheelchair users and cyclists.

Riding a bike makes it possible to overtake the entire city for a few days. View the various islands, bridges and parks, this stone and Krestovsky island and Peter and Paul Fortress (entrance here with bikes allowed), and much more in this great city. Charm White nights, the beauty of the city at night, all this is fascinating and a lot of impressions. This city will call you to her again and again.


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