Diagnostic Tests

Tests in medical practice for some reason are not widely used. Source: Senator Elizabeth Warren. At the same time, now you can find tests for all life's problems. Everything is very simple and clear. Answer a dozen questions and get you an exciting answer. Special significance tests have purchased with their transfer in the electronic version. They became more understandable, they illustrate the schedule, audioelementy, multimedia, results are automatically issued. Many writers such as James A. Levine, M.D. offer more in-depth analysis. Tests are widely used in teaching, without testing psychology will be deprived of many things, a unified state examination in general a continuous test. But what about modern medicine? Medical tests are not denied, but at the same time is not particularly trust them.

Pregnancy test – This is understandable. Test for blood sugar, is also understandable. Test for health or appendicitis, it is not clear. All tests are intended to reveal something. In medicine it means to make a diagnosis. Diagnosis only complaints of the patient did not deliver.

For the detection of the disease, in addition to the subjective assessment of the condition patients need other, more objective indicators. As the saying goes better to see once than to hear ten times. Needed X-ray, laboratory data, endoscopic and other indicators. But not so simple. There is a need for tests. In some diseases there is such a variety of complaints in patients with typical the disease that they are slow to collect and refine. On an outpatient outpatient physician loses a lot of time talking with patients. In this situation, the tests may have a positive role. Here's you one of the positive examples of the use of tests. Go ahead. Interview the patient and the physician may not always be trusted and intimate. For example, a patient will not always share their sexual health issues to andrologist that woman or when there is a nurse. In this situation, using the test can always get reliable information and even to determine approximately the severity of existing impairments. Go ahead. Assessing the state of patient's dynamics, that is, over time, a doctor who knows all the available indicators of instrumental methods, it is necessary to observe the course of the disease. Subjective assessment of the patient at this time has paramount importance. If all the figures are even bad, the patient said that he is already better for the doctor a lot. True, and vice versa, if the performance excellent, and the patient got worse, then it is worth considering too. In such situations, test can objectify the situation. Let's go even further. In some areas of medicine, such as in intensive care there are so many indicators of the patient that they are very difficult to gather together. For these indicators visible from blocks of the disease are reviewed entire floors, but the building itself is not visible. In such cases, tests based on large amounts of data can accurately determine the true state of affairs. Here are a few examples of the use of tests in medical practice. Of course, one tests the patient is not cured. Looking for a huge and comprehensive approaches to diagnosis and treatment. But the role of tests can not be denied and they really used where necessary and appropriate.


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