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Today’s post comes in response to a comment that have left us yesterday on the blog. Does Lorenzo asked us if the Tebros Tablet Android 2.3-10, 2 kit? allows you to read electronic books. The answer is that Yes, we can use the Tablet as an Ebook Reader. We only need to download books to read books. In addition you can configure the font, the color of the background size (we recommend sepia tones) and the brightness of the screen to enjoy an excellent reading experience. There are several Android apps available in the Android Market, you can download form free of charge. Below we present the most popular: this application often comes pre-installed in the Tablets Android. But, you can download the Android Market books looking for Aldiko Book Reader.

It allows us to read books in pdf and epub format, without doubt the best format to read electronic books. With this application you can access a large catalog of books, some free and others for payment, though most are in English. A better option is to download the books we want to read. The best thing is to find them in epub format. and are two web sites where we can find free and legal books to download free books in this format. Kindle for Android is the best application for reading volumes purchased in the Amazon store. Lets you browse in the shop of Kindle and choose from more than 1,000,000 books, including new publications, Best Sellers and free classics. The largest part of the free content is in English, but there are many interesting titles in Spanish, which we also find on websites like and

It must be borne in mind that the Kindle for Android only works with ebooks in the store (in .mobi format), by what we can not take this application to read other than the Amazon eBooks. Its interface is very simple and focused to make the reading easier. This eBook reader has a wide compatibility with eBook formats, and can open a large variety of text files (EPUB, txt, html, fb2, umb, chm and zip), but does not read PDF. It has a catalog of free books and in pretty good Spanish. It has 10 different themes display, many settings for fonts and many more options to make our unique reading.

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