Electrolysis or remove unwanted hair of face, body and bikini From time immemorial, the woman tried to be attractive not only for members of the opposite sex, but, first and foremost for myself. Different types of hair removal used in ancient Greece. And such a convenient and most painless way as electrolysis is known in progressive America for over 100 years. To deepen your understanding Glenn Dubin, New York City is the source. European representatives of the fair half of humanity are aware of this procedure in the forties of last century. In today's world, this method of removing unwanted hair, face, body and bikini line is very high demand. Compared to its ancestor electrolysis has come a long evolutionary path. And to date, compared to the past variations of such procedures, electrolysis – the best way to get rid of unwanted hair all over his body. And, whether you want Did you remove the thin and blond hair or you have the desire to get rid of fat and too visible hair.

In fact, it is very easy! One need only take a beautician in the hands of a unique device, developed by ROS'S and installed on the device depil plus-two desired mode, and your unwanted hair will start to fade In fact, the essence of hair removal, hair removal using an electric current, is that the hair follicle is introduced electrode, that can influence directly on the area of hair growth. Here the main thing – properly carry out the procedure. Make it possible only on condition that you will fall into the hands of competent specialists. In order to achieve the effect of perfectly smooth and well-groomed skin is important to give this process a lot of attention. We are working in this field for over ten years, so we know for sure how to achieve the best results.

Frankly speaking: real time you want to spend on hair removal using electricity to the skin was perfect, is about 1,5 – 2 years. The only exceptions are the armpits. This is an area on your body the best amenable to epilating devices, and after the third procedure in order to achieve a good result spent only about 20 minutes. 1,5 hours is required in order to lead an effective procedure for the first time. To to get rid of the "vegetation" on the hands, feet, face and bikini area, you want to go through the procedure of electrolysis is about 4-5 times. But, what will be your satisfaction, after you feel pleasant velvet of your skin, get rid of excess body hair!


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