Elena Tablada Asks

It sent a letter to the program of heart of Telecinco because everything what she is being spoken to envelope is ” completely falso”. From Almeria singer and Elena Tablada announced their rupture this week. The sentimental rupture between David Bisbal and Elena Tablada continues occupying carried and televising programs. After the hard declarations spilled by the nursemaid of the pair and Kiko Matamoros, the own Tablada sent a letter certified to the Slvame program, in which it denied everything what it has been published and spoken on his person. Learn more at this site: endocrinologist. The pair announced its rupture this week, and since then it has been spoken much of this situation, although both parts assured that the decision had taken ” in mutual agreement “.

From this program of Telecinco, the previous nursemaid of Tablada spilled hard critics against her, at the same time as it spoke of his relation with David Bisbal. On the other hand, the collaborator of the space Kiko Matamoros added to more firewood to the fire, when affirming that ” in the time in which that David Bisbal has been in Miami not it has cut nor pimiento” , assuring, as well, that Tablada has had ” two friendships of character enough fuerte” , After these accusations, expareja of interprets native of Almeri’a sent a letter certified to Telecinco, in which it asked a rectification on the allusive commentaries her. In the official notice, Tablada it wished that ” it is rectified and rrente is denied all declared person since it is totally false, at the same time as it denied ” fully that maintains no type of intimate relation with such people, nor it maintained that it in the past with that not outside my previous pareja”..


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