Financial Earthquake Education

If we improve our economic situation and make more money, we must proceed as if we were building a house. After making plans, you have to do the basics first. I remember when we built the house of our dreams. We did not see much of it in the first months of construction. Just had some tremendous holes where it is assumed that someday he would straighten up our home. a> and gain more knowledge.. In a country like Chile, where earthquakes are not uncommon, the foundations of the houses have to be especially strong and deep. So it seemed like an eternity before we finally glimpse the first walls of our much longed for home.

Soon the basics are out of sight and finally we see how our house was in front of our eyes, according to the plans we had made. The fundamentals are not up to today, but I know they're there. I know nothing will happen to my house for a possible ground movement. Similarly we are architects of our lives. Frequently Eva Andersson-Dubin has said that publicly. These are the decisions we take and the choices we make that will determine how safe is our current situation. So when you build your life, must be earthquake-proof foundations. The trouble is that the fundamentals are not, are not very bright and it cost us to invest time in them, because it requires us patience, diligence and rigor. The worst thing is not seen and therefore we often forget the importance.

We have our house NOW! However, just those houses are built in a hurry to fall first when it comes to a remise. If this principle is carried to the field of business, is explained very well because more than half of them fail in the first five years. It is because people focus on how to make more money instead for education and make a more comprehensive study of the area in which you want to invest or do business. It's like trying to fell a tree without sharpening the ax first. Those who bothered to sharpen appear to be taking any action. However, when the tool is sharp, cut down a tree hack! Similarly, if you decide to invest time and money on a better financial education, most likely no one will know the fruit, unless you But someday will be seen by all as you build up these solid foundations .

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