With the advent of October you need to know how you can protect your body from colds and flu happens three types of flu – type A, B and C. As it seems easier than with type A, and the epidemic of type B appear once in 5 years, then While the virus Influenza A torturing people every 2-3 years. Type with something similar to B. By the way, those people who have chickenpox type A, are more likely to be able to get a type B or C. Influenza – the disease is extremely treacherous, but there are ways to protect their health of her attack. Everyone is familiar from the biology course that influenza is transmitted by airborne droplets. That is why the first step is to get a flu shot.

You also need to minimize the time spent in areas with large crowds. Unfortunately, this does not always do. Chronic illness, if they exist, may due to flu escalate, there may be some new complications. In principle, they are something (complications) and are the most serious problem for those who are ill of influenza, as the heart, sosudistitaya system, lungs, all the internal organs. That is why the need to treat the flu and must in no case can it run! Flu differs from SARS fever. Another difference – the transience of the disease. The earliest signs of impending illness are fever, headache, pain in the extremities and back muscles, coughing, red face and throat.

The first symptoms of SARS are lethargy, "scratching" in the throat, rhinitis. Cold is much easier to prevent than to escape from the flu. In general, so as not to get sick, it is advisable not to violate several important rules: Of course, for a healthy body will be useful vitamin C, which would be good to take from the citrus. It is important not to allow meetings with a cold people, and places with large concentrations of people. It is desirable to be removed from the places where the blows strong and cool wind. Certainly need to cover the neck and ears. It is advisable to take with you on the evening of the top tight clothing. And be sure to fear a long stay under air conditioning (even when it seems that hot), or may blow. Frozen fruit and ice cream, too, should not be used. Not to drink cold drinks, even if the day is very hot. After sailing to wipe the body dry. Not worth putting on and wearing wet clothes, even if she gets wet from sweat. In any case to avoid extremes of temperature. In Russia the autumn is most often not terribly cold, mostly in the daytime, but still in October already carries a certain coldness. Need it consider – mainly those who are away from home all day. Should not be excluded from the diet of hot milk, honey, garlic and onions, is good and the chicken broth, healing qualities which are known since ancient times. All above shall be known absolutely anyone. However, not everyone complies with at least some of these preventive rules.

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