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Kohl s stores will have the exclusivity of the line that bears his name. The singer described his brand of quality at a low price. Intends to expand its line to create clothes for children. Singer Marc Anthony debuted Wednesday at the fashion world with a collection of clothing and accessories for men that bears his name, while continuing with its programme of work which includes the concert tour that will take him on Saturday at the Izod Center in New Jersey (USA). I am excited, happy, said the excited singer after opening the section dedicated to his collection in a shop Kohl s, firm that has the exclusivity of their line and that will sell in its more than 1,000 stores in EE UU. The line, which can also be purchased via the Internet, hits the market in the preamble to the beginning of fashion week in New York, which will be held from 8 to 15 September with the participation of more than 80 designers. The singer, who chose the fall to launch his collection in shades own season, grey, black and Brown, and which also includes shoes, described his brand of quality at a low price and asserted that it was the main requirement that made the company. He recalled that he had received offers to put his name to a line of clothing and accessories for men and it finally finalized the agreement with s.

Kohl Singer noted with satisfaction that Cowboys of their line seem to 600 dollars but will cost only $60 and that you can find accessories for $20 or less. He explained that during about two weeks the company representatives visited his house to define his style through the various pieces of clothing and accessories that has been in your closet for several years. Another important thing was the quality of the material. Is not only how you look, but how you’re feeling, added the popular singer, whose separation from the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez last July shocked and has grabbed ever since the attention of the media. The artist, who defined his style of classic, elegant and comfortable, loving cutting of interchangeable parts that can be used for various events and look good, said Marc Anthony has brought that concept to your brand.

It also revealed that last details of its upcoming spring-summer collection. I am very excited with that proposal, he said, and said that her Latin roots have influenced designs that make up your brand. It is who I am, everything I am is in those clothes, was born of a latino, argued and announced that he has chosen white, Khaki, blue, grey and Red parts for your next collection. Also pointed out that it intends to expand its line to create clothes for children, which has already started talks, and stressed that contrary to its line, the of his still wife Jennifer Lopez, who will also launch for the same string, includes household items. The singer is in middle of a concert tour that will take to the Izod Center in the neighboring state of New Jersey this weekend, since the famous Madison Square Garden in New York is closed to be restored. Source of the news: Marc Anthony made his debut in the world of fashion with a line for men

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