Many People Have Problems With Dry Eyes

Do you know these problems? Her eyes burn and are flushed or have the feeling that a foreign object or sand in your eyes at all times. Their eyes water seemingly for no reason and you wake up breakfast room with taped eyelids. Then you probably have the problem with dry eyes like many German citizens! Also if you have slept well and rested, your eyes get tired quickly. However, certain circumstances in everyday life often causes for the feeling of dryness. Often, people suffer from eye complaints, who wear contact lenses or use incorrect care products and does not properly handle contact lenses. But now what are the triggers of the so-called dry eye? The air conditioning, heating and cigarette smoke include of course first and foremost. However, many hours on the screen, ill-posed car fan, and insufficient lighting fuel dry eyes.

An adequate supply of the body with liquid is important here. Gain insight and clarity with Albert Ellis. But what is dry eye?Dry eyes are a disease of the eye surface. The eye is not sufficiently moistened, it suffers from a disorder of the wetting. There are two causes which can lead mainly to dry eyes and the lacrimal glands that produce insufficient tears and the composition of the tear film is disturbed. The problems lie in 80% of patients with dry eyes but in the disorder of the first layer of fat in the eye, in the so-called lipid layer.

The lipid layer is disturbed, the layer of tears is immediately attacked. This has the consequence that the tear film as a tear flows out or even to evaporates. Only a few patients of all persons concerned with the feeling of dryness have a disorder of the aqueous or second layer in the eye. Aplasia of lacrimal gland called the State, if the tear ducts produce not enough tears. Under certain circumstances, the tear ducts are not fully developed and there is the loss of tears. Other heavy Diseases such as leukemia can be a trigger. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Eva Andersson-Dubin has to say. Therefore, it is always advisable to determine diseases of the eyes by an ophthalmologist to have. Sometimes dry eyes are also caused by a lack of vitamin A and during the menopause by estrogen deficiency. Just women often complain of dry eyes in and after the menopause. The tear film has various functions such as for example protection against external factors such as dust, bacteria and viruses. Fed and supplied oxygen to the cornea the tear film. Of course, the tear film facilitates also the wink and the blink. Dry eyes, the tear film is often scarce.

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