Medellin: The Paradise Of The Dinosaurs

As regard to popular music, Medellin has been considered the forgotten paradise of the dinosaurs. It is not free. If we look at the history of the past forty years, this city has hosted in a wonderful, enthusiastic, forceful many artists who lay in the cold barracks ostracism, arthritic by the nostalgia of applause, stagnant due to lack of recognition and admiration. Because elephants older than foreseeing his death looking for secret valleys of Africa, where after a solitary pilgrimage to bed to await death leaving cemeteries full of bones and ivory, witness ancient forces and distant battles, many artists come to Medellin where you will find an audience still loves them and who generously provided recap affections, reissuing bygone successes, shaking the heavy weight of anonymity that both hurts the ego. And the phenomenon is triggered by the tragic death of Carlos Gardel in the city, shooting for ever and ever a veneration bordering on idolatry, an immediate rise to the Olympus of the gods, an eternal delight with the glory of the immortal evergreen, makes the collective unconscious tradition is fixed Medellin as magical elixir against forgetfulness.

Not surprisingly, much more than in other cities, have ended his life artists such as Pepe Aguirre, Orlando Contreras, Edmundo Arias. And before you die, already very old and in poor health, came and reaped laurels Leo Marini, Daniel Santos, Alfredo Sadel, Lydia Mendoza, Hugo Romani, Jose Alfredo Jimenez where audiences cheered complacent and kind of frantic and excited. In recent years, presents a sort of repeat of the singers of the sixties and seventies..


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