Model Technique

Lines of direction for a Model of Integral Assistance to the Mental Health in Brazil, 2006.) 4,4 SHELTER Shelter is the first contact with who in the search, from which the sequncia of atendimentos will be defined all, he is ' ' the opening of the game of xadrez' ' as in Freud teaches to them. It is the moment where all the resources of service is ranks to the test: who takes care of; what it can offer; as it can receive, evaluate and discriminate the demand. &amp hisses Jnior; Mascarenhas (2004) detaches three dimensions of attendance: position, technique and principle of reorientation of the service. The first dimension (position) implies the humanizada and receptive attitude of the professionals when receiving, listening to and to deal with the demands the users; implying relation of mutual interest, confidence and support. This dimension in such a way encloses the relations between the professionals and users as well as the relations intra-team, as democratic relations, that stimulate the participation, autonomy and collective decision.

The shelter as technique is the use of knowing professional to produce answers to the user. When one is about the multiprofessional team, has the joint of the different ones to know, searching to surpass the spalling in the search of construction of new answers to the emergent demands. shelter, in the perspective of the reorientation of the service, is in the center of the proposal of the organizacional project, that is the base that guides the work of the professionals, the process in team, the qualification search. The supervision is detached, in this last item, as an important way of organization of the service and of daily accompaniment of of work assuring the joint the shelter enters in such a way as attitude how much technique, what it would imply one definitive conception of clinic stops beyond the selection protocols.


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