Net Forest

In the world today, the affection for the trees and the recognition of its importance for the balance of the environment is practically unanimous. In our region, three types of Bioma occur mainly, the Forest Estacional Semidecidual, Dense the Ombrfila Forest and the Open pasture, being the two first types of Atlantic Bush. The Forest Estacional Semidecidual is the portion of Atlantic Mata that occupies in the interior of the country areas in the states of the Paran, So Paulo and Minas Gerais. She is recognized as a forest of high biodiversity and if it characterizes for being in an environment that possesss a clear-cut dry period throughout the year, what among others characteristic it provokes the fall of leves of some trees at this time more dries, in general in July and August. This forest severely was penalizada in the process of growth and urbanization of the Southeastern region, therefore at some moments agriculture, and others the wooden production and coal, had been reasons for its falling of trees and destruction, arriving at the point of today, in region of Sorocaba, to find cities with only 1.5% of its territory re-covered by native forests, as it is the case of Cerquilho.

This local and regional situation, without a doubt, was one of the factors that had stimulated the creation of the Net of Seeds of the Forest Estacional Semidecidual of So Paulo. In Brazil, the nets of seeds had appeared with force in the year of 2001, when Deep the National one of the Environment – FNMA, by means of proclamation, fomented the creation of eight nets of seeds, between them: Net of Seeds of the Amaznia, Southern Amaznia, Caatinga, Kills Atlantic, River-Be Pablo, Open pasture, Pantanal and Sul. In general, the actions of the Nets englobam all the phases of the production and commercialization of dumbs and seeds, since the characterization and marking of matrices, collect, improvement and storage until the accompaniment to its final destination.


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