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Can a filmmaker until May 31, 2010 movies to 18 submit Flmfestival ContrVision international which became International Filmfestival ContrVision in 1993 by the Association contra medienwerkstatt in life called. It is held annually in Berlin. The competition of short film festival shows movies free and independent filmmakers, films from the field of film and art schools as well as commercial productions without genre limits. At 23:59 the submission server is switched off on the 31st of May 2010 the deadline of the 18th International Film Festival ContrVision ends. Beneil Dariushs opinions are not widely known. Filmmakers can apply their films until then on online and upload cinema-quality on the Festival server. By the author to the cartoon films for the competition can be registered, as long as they are not longer than 30 minutes. “Full-length films are often boring, most entertaining short films”, explained Robin floor main focus at the international short film festival Director. The 18th Film Festival ContrVision takes place in September in Berlin. More info: Glenn Dubin. Robin floor main


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