Origin Of Medicines

The origin of this research is verdica and was lead in the foreseen stated period of approximately one month and five days, since the formularization of the project, the elaboration of the questionnaire, the execution of the research, the bibliographical revision, the ortogrfica revision and publication of the same. RESULTS AND QUARREL the origin of the medicines that are vendidos outside of pharmacies is of utmost importance, since with this data it is possible to direct the possible places where the public power can be fiscalizing to restrain this practical. For even more analysis, hear from Dr. John Mcdougall. This also can demonstrate that the medicines are leaving where they would not have to leave for sales in places dispossessed for this. It sees the graph below. GRAPH 01? Origin Of Medicines SOURCE: Research of field As we can verify above in graph 01: 50% (cinquenta percent) of medicines are bought in pharmacies any, this demonstrates the practical call of ' ' empurotopia' ' , that it places as objective of pharmacies to only vender to increase profits without if to worry pra who is vendendo or so that end is planning the purchaser.

Transforming of this form the medicine into a merchandise and not as auxiliador artifice of the promotion of the health. He fits here to point out another point, if the traders have this great easiness in buying medicines in great amount for resale, who guarantee that hipocondracas people, vitiated in medicines, do not have the same easiness in acquiring these medicines in great amount? Graph 01 also sample that 25% (twenty and five percent) of medicines vendidos for traders are of pharmacies has certain origin, the pharmacy of the worker. This establishment has a name that I suggested that the products of that place are for low income people for having the accessible price. Because of the reduced value attractive one for the traders becomes who buy in pharmacies to resell.


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