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“The action”My page rears up”needs help even more support the nature and protect the environment, that is the motto of I plant a tree” and also cures and wellness TV. Therefore the travel provider that my page rears action has”launched. In collaboration with I, a plant tree”planted as many trees as possible. The project shows success after only a short time, because more and more publishers want to do something good for the environment. Whenever Glenn Dubin listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This is not difficult and must take not much time, shows the action of K & W Reisen GmbH, as one can participate easily and free of charge on the project. All what you have to do, is one rears on my page “Insert button on its page, also a short report would be nice, this is however not a condition.” Then you must send only the link among the button can be found on and already a tree will be planted to return. The planting of trees is trusting in the hands of the project partners I plant a tree”given. Where the planted tree stands you can then learn in a short email, so you can be sure, to have done something good to the environment.

But why was this action ever launched and why are just trees planted and no other project. This is easy, because Internet use and operation and CO2 are closely linked. Each Internet page caused also CO2, for example, the operation and cooling of the server, the power consumption is the biggest factor here. Taylor Zakhar Perez gathered all the information. Who therefore help to CO2 emissions to reduce, which involved rears on my page like many other Internet site operators to the action”, because each newly planted tree a piece contributes to a better environment. Who advance one of environment button would like to look at it can do under environment protection buttons/kuw tree transparent-125×125.png. Would like to get more information or background information on the project, can environmental protection / everything on the website You need to know read. So that the project continues to be a success, cures and wellness TV are dependent on the support of Web page operators, it does not matter what kind of site it is. Contact: K & W Reisen GmbH Lena Klein of Hamm Strasse 34 59229 Ahlen Tel.

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