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Middle East

Saturday, July 22nd, 2023

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Whether it’s a show of Odalisque, show dance Arabic or Arabic dance classes, Aldana is an Odalisque recognized in the environment. Put your passion and experience in this wonderful artistic expression which is the Arab dance. Birthdays, festivals in 15 years, celebrations of marriage, bachelor parties, etc, all occasions can be entertained with a spectacular show of odalisques. Also, can you learn Arab dances and obtain great physical and emotional benefits. The dance of odalisques is first and foremost a total energy delivery, in which body and mind are a unit. Aldana Odalisque has years of experience and learning of Arab dances. Others who may share this opinion include James A. Levine, M.D.. It is also dedicated to teaching dances Arab, in the form of group or individual classes. Arab dances classes can give in own House of Aldana or at the home of the student.

Kinds of dances that you will learn are the same as the of a thousand years ago the origins of this mystical dances, this worship to fertility, a sacred ritual of undulating movements of power almost hypnotic. The ancient belly dance is a legacy of the old Middle East. That to the rhythm of percussion and Lutes, it help you to have both physical and spiritual benefits and find yourself fully with your femininity. Other benefits and goals meeting of own and unique expression of each person beautifies regulates muscle tone develops flexibility moods regulator deep bodily connection greater self-knowledge and self-esteem improvement of the possibilities of dance posture lift in public group or individually for those that want it Professor: ALDAHANA structure, methodology and content of the classes of dances Arab class always starts with a pre-heatinginterspersed with techniques of contemporary dance, with the goal for each student to find a best placement, body axis, and Center.In this first part of the class they are also a significant deepening State in dondela concentration and enjoyment is greater.