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Mercedes Medicine

Friday, March 16th, 2018

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That was the social magnitude of the epidemic. In the world (read Europe) in these years of century XIX, the medicine lived a revolution. For example Virchow had shattered the theory of the humors of Galen, Pasteur spoke of microbes, Europe was witness to numerous inoculations, Gilbert was inoculated with blood of syphilitic secondary and tertiary to test its infectivity in these stages, Gare was inoculated with osteomieliticos Koch blood inoculated Strauss (his Assistant) with blood from sick with cholera, Bochefontaine swallowed pills of dried feces of sick with cholera. This was the social, medical and political framework that lived in the Peru LA GESTA of CARRION Daniel Alcides Carrion Garcia, son of Dr. Baltazar Carrion, physician and Ecuadorian lawyer and the Lady Huancaina Dolores Garcia Navarro, was born in Cerro de Pasco, had two brothers, Theodore and Mario, attending the 5th years of medicine at San Fernando(San Marcos) at the outbreak of the epidemic that killed so many people without mercy and It decimating peoples as known by him, after meditations and conversations, decides to prove that the warts were the second phase of the disease, known as Oroya fever, and in a gesture heroic, humanitarian and scientific decides to be inoculated with the disease-infected blood, was Dr. Evaristo M. Chavez who practiced 4 inoculations of fresh and macerated blood of a right supercilii wart of the Carmen walls of No 5 of room bed patientNuestra Senora de las Mercedes in both arms of the Carrion student, were the 10 am on August 27, 1885, Dr. Villar(Jefe deel Servicio), an internal medicine and an external, witnessed the ceremony as Daniel was scoring hour after hour all their suffering and in the midst of fever, convulsiones.vomitos and hypoxia died on October 5, 1885, with few outbreaks of warts, soon reached to say now he plays you continue the work already begun Noguichi and Battistini in 1926 discovered and described the Bartonella Baccilliformis Bacillus as the cause of this disease and the zancudo Phlebotomus Verrucarum as the transmitter, Sir.