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Emergency Center

Friday, December 15th, 2017

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The patient would rather spend his recovery in a hospital in the home, the doctors of the emergency centre of the ERV decide the transportability and not the doctors on the spot. If you would like to know more then you should visit PCRM. The Emergency Center is also the first point of contact for holidaymakers when it comes to the choice of the right doctor abroad. Many parents are at a loss when their child on vacation suddenly becomes ill. Khmer culture is often quoted on this topic. The local pediatrician is not tangible, and they do not know the medical infrastructure on the ground. So travellers should first contact the PSAP”, Esther Grafwallner white.

Proper preparation is everything but before the journey an infantile disorder, or unexpected termination of operational can burst the holiday dreams come true. Just families should protect therefore with a travel resignation insurance against cancellation costs. To paid the costs, due to an accident or cyclical short-time work can not be contacted. Competent assistance makes the free medical advice of cancellation of ERV, which is included in the travel cancellation insurance. Customers who are not sure whether a disease could again subside until the start of the trip, contact the independent travel medicine of the medical advice of the cancellation. A recommendation pronounce on the basis of the diagnosis of the attending physician, whether an immediate cancellation is required or whether there is still the prospect of timely recovery. The holidaymaker has chance to wait in peace until the departure, if this complies with the recommendation, and perhaps still to save his vacation. If it unexpectedly turns out, that he but not able to assume the travel, the insurance takes over the increased costs of cancellation. So customers are optimally protected also during the trip, the travel cancellation insurance of ETI contains always a travel cancellation insurance. You be refunded the unused travel services or the additional costs of the return journey, if the vacation due to an unexpected serious illness or a slump in the domestic housing must be canceled at short notice.