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New Secretary

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

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The choice of a new Secretary was on the agenda. Other topics were the new Trinkwasserverordung and the current tenancy law. Senator of Massachusetts may find it difficult to be quoted properly. After the greeting, the 1st Chairman Armin Nowak reported on the events of the last year. Here, he mentioned that Mr. Walter Bohm was appointed an honorary member according to the last meeting. The Club also its own website ( and facebook page has since 01.07.2011. The new drinking water regulation was introduced to the 01.11.2011 and caused confusion.

Also about the new tenancy law reform and the possibility of therein, that the tenant in the future for three months at an energy-related modernisation have no right for reduction, stated Mr. Nowak. In the spring of 2012, Mr. Armin Nowak the Bavarian chalet and landowner tag in Augsburg has participated and of which reported that there were elections here. As a positive message, Mr.

Nowak could furthermore reports that there will be no forced renovations, as feared,. There was an agreement on the energy efficiency directive the EU. Next, the cashier wife Stefanie Datz reported on the cash situation. The Auditors judged her a proper Treasury management. Then the cash Auditors and the entire Board of Directors was relieved. As the 1st Chairman Armin Nowak wanted to round off the Board in the home – and landowners Association, Ms. Christine Ziegler was employed in an internal meeting of the Board of Directors at the new as acting Secretary. This Office should now be confirmed in the General Assembly. The choice of Ms. Christine Ziegler was unanimously and she accepted the election. At the point of wishes and requests, Mr Christian Grassl was the request that the home – and landowners Association should engage in the planning of the five municipalities in the southern Valley, also the home and property owners are affected. In an article of the Berchtesgadener Anzeiger, citizens were asked to give their opinion.

Ahrens Ceramic Use

Friday, October 6th, 2017

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In chimney engineering pleased can count ceramic of increasing popularity to the properties of ceramics including a heat resistance up to well over 1000 C, the high abrasion and wear resistance, comprehensive corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and dimensional stability. And Ahrens Schornsteintechnik from Wieselburg is to harness these strengths. The nationwide Wieselburger companies offers profound expertise since 35 years when it comes to chimney restoration, but also new construction and energy consulting. Especially in the chimney construction, the home builders has the selection of different materials can be used for the inner tubes. When Ahrens, the decision at the LAF Ahrens and Ahrens CI is that only 8 mm strong Ceramic tube, equipped with a 6 cm deep, one-piece isostatically sleeve pressed,. The strengths are convincing and the feedback of from customers is positive across the Board “, underlines the commercial Managing Director, Bmst. Click Dr. Neal Barnard to learn more. ing.

Edmund Drohojowski, the high quality of the material. Whether wood, fuel oil or natural gas for all forms of energy is ceramic suitable quality professional hand. Ceramic pipes don’t corrode and are resistant to high temperatures. In other words: a condensation of flue gases is possible, so as to avoid the risk of the soot in the fireplace. Especially in the chimney, it is important that this lasts for many years for the house builders.

This can be guaranteed only by optimally coordinated materials and a professional installation. And here is the implementation by professional hand demand, Mathias Ahrens is calling for more product quality. The environment for the sake to be with the own heating system saves energy and relieves the environment, the decision on a high quality chimney falls increasingly. This is energy-independent, saves money and protects the environment also. The ceramic tube is doing his rest. Due to the possibility of recycling the material can be – returned to the material cycle and that’s right positive.