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It Closes But Sales Improving Your Visits De Venta

Thursday, June 15th, 2023

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Why it improves salesmen close thirty percent more sales than the rest of the sale force? That it makes these salesmen so special and different from the other salesmen? What makes so efficient in the sale closing? Good, the reasons can be several but, a very important one is that they do not waste an opportunity to close the sale they see when it in front of his eyes. To obtain appointments with the people who make the decisions from purchase is difficult and vitally important so that you can close but sales. The great locks of know it to sales. They understand that more than the ninety percent of the sales they lose themselves for want of planning, since innumerable salesmen think that the experience and the improvisation are substitutes of the planning. Therefore the great locks of sales glide carefully each one of the meetings with the takers of decisions, from your first appointment to the sale closing. If you want to obtain the same results your you would have to do the same. The locks of sales never waste a visit of sales with that make the decisions, always have a plan before carrying out it.

It is not rare to see glide them and practice during hours for a presentation of sales of twelve minutes can lead that them to the closing of sale of a substantial order. For these successful locks the preparation of a visit of sales with the taker of decisions is like the verification of the flight plan of a pilot. The pilots never ignore the verification of the airship before the takeoff or the landing in spite of it to have done innumerable times previously. The pilots know that if got to omit a small detail in the process, this can take them to lose the airplane.