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Hospital Emergency

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

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Note that when a person is poisoned with some chemical and discover it in time; they take him to a Hospital emergency room and doctors immediately washed you stomach and save lives to the person. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dr. Neal Barnard. I therefore want to teach that it is not so much what you eat what does hurt but what we keep in our bodies what we kill. The average person in this modern society evacuated once a day, once every two or three days and once every two or three weeks (as so many cases that I see in my private practice on a daily basis). We are becoming cans! We care about clean cans of trash from our House, kitchen, bathrooms, etc., but we neglect keep our bodies clean of toxic waste. We are becoming cans! The required question would be what effect is causing in our body and our health toxic waste that we are accumulating? Because if you want to tell you, it is causing; diabetes, cholesterol, overweight, arthritis, migraines, psoriasis, heart problems, digestive problems, asthma, allergies, problems circulatory, cancer and finally; premature death. All the diseases that we are facing in this modern society are derived from the only disease that exists called; Auto-intoxicacion. If the only disease that exists is called auto-intoxicacion, we can then ensure that modern man is programmed to become ill. I do not say that in the morning before leaving your House you concentrate on meditation and repeat; I am not going to evacuate, I won’t evacuate, I am not going to evacuate, it is not just that, but I want you to know that with just the thought that does not like to evacuate at work or in public places, you are sending an unconscious message to his intestine and it is receiving and scheduling to not evacuate.

Ask yourself; to who likes co-workers to see it enter and exit the bathroom several times a day?, who work traveling, like to be using public bathrooms?, anyone! For this reason it is that we are unconsciously programming our intestine to not evacuate, therefore we’re programming for getting sick. Worst of all is that muscle tone in our intestines has degenerated due to the lack of regular use and has lost the ability of their Peristaltic movement. Return to regenerate those atrophied muscles so that the intestine back to work normally in many cases is extremely difficult. If you vote organic waste from food in your kitchen trash and this repeated for several days, accumulating and accumulating undone; After several days when you get closer to the trash what it is? Worms and other harmful microorganisms to health? It is not exactly the same thing is happening inside your body? Anyone who wants to be healthy, must evacuate between 15 to 30 minutes after each meal. There is a precise parameter of how many times we must evacuate a day. What we do know is that if you make a meal a day, it is acceptable that you evacuate once during the day, but if you make three or four meals, then you should evacuate three or four times in the day. The false programming to our intestines is what is leading us to so many diseases in this modern society.