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The Latter

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

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Frankl describes 3 ways or means of finding that sense: 1) performing a mission that transcends the very existence. Leave a legacy. (2) Welcoming gifts of life. For example: by the internal disturbance caused by the beauty of a work of art, nature or love. (3) By suffering.

The latter serves to find a meaning for life only if it is absolutely unavoidable, since otherwise it would be just masochism. In this case, as human beings, have the unique ability to make, through the acceptance of pain, that this makes sense and we serve to grow inwardly and find a reason to go on living. A very common case is that of the people who lost a loved one because of an incurable disease such as cancer, and finds a way to overcome founding a Center for research to combat this disease. These people have not only found a way to overcome the pain of the loss, but they have gone beyond creating something bigger than themselves. Is clear that we can turn to 3 media to find our sense of life: for example, I can work to achieve the Mission of creating an oranizacion for the care of the environment (1), and strengthen through the respect that I have for nature and love for my children, whom I want to leave them a better future (2). At the same time he would be willing to deal with all the suffering necessary to make that dream a reality (3). In conclusion, I invite you to reflect on this concept so important and so elusive today, in that the tedium and boredom take away our passion be somebody in life and transcend our own problems.

All we need is that inner fire that moves us and gives us the conviction of knowing that we can really make anything that we propose in life. It is just a matter of finding a purpose, a meaning. That is our biggest challenge.