Technology Management

That reality is more interpersonal alone can enable and enhance the initiatives that are in need of Argentina. Even in the area of new technologies and their task of assessing their own resources and the time of its implementation is often linked to the sinking of many projects, especially by small and medium entrepreneurs and due assistance in managing these businesses can only be conceived at the level of the municipality or NGOs that do not necessarily have to have a national presence, as they may be formed as a support to regional or municipal level in a complex management. Access to and use of the Internet has a close relationship with more highly autocratic municipal functions with the powers that stem from the autonomy of the provinces. The complexity of administrative plexus exercise of power is more affordable in the proposed level, where the ordinariness of the relationship is more likely and sustainable. A related site: Tony Mandarich mentions similar findings. I think it is possible to build centers Socio-Technology Management (with a decisive participation and initiative of the trade organizations) in this regard and in this area by promoting the participation in principle of a partial voluntary socially recognizable to the achievement of a minimum structure management to obtain feedback.

Internet is a useful tool if it helps to solve people’s problems, is ceasing to be an entertainment or curiosity, is being taken as true instrument that needs to be addressed intelligently. It is not easy. It’s more than a matter of public interest, is an educational theme that incorporates a state matter.


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