The Measurement And Meter

The concept of measurement is varied. With the help of measuring instruments and methods of physical parameters such as length, mass, force, pressure, the current flow, temperature and time are measured. Objective of the measurement is in addition to the actual physical measurement, the development of new measurement systems that allow the validation of current measurement methods or systems. Specifically, is meant to be an existing device is verified by another device as to its accuracy, and discrepancies should be noted, the original device readjusted. In professional circles, such a process is called calibration. Especially for businesses this approach is essential. Given the existing competitive pressures and in terms of their own quality assurance, which is supported for example by the ISO 9001 certificate, uniform results have to be made. In connection with the control and regulation technology is the measurement by measuring an important building block for theAutomation. Objective of automation is that a machine or system operates completely autonomous and independent from the personnel. The better the production process is going, the higher the level of automation to quantify. This man should not only take the role of extras, if Not on the man is able to intervene. Its use will become mandatory if the system experienced a standstill or are carrying out necessary maintenance work. Surely such an overestimated production level is not yet implemented in all companies, but several examples show, nevertheless, the trend is clearly in one direction: the human labor is increasingly replaced by fully automated production lines. This increases productivity by reducing the wage bill. In addition, companies can often still seen an increase in quality, because a robot is much better welds than a skilled worker.

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