The State Monopoly And The Art Of Sitting In

Brussels gives Germany more time to justify the controversial luck game contract Bonn/Brussels Germany Brussels more time got to justify the controversial treaty to take the gamble. The deadline had been extended until June 2, 2008, reported the newspaper the world. Actually, the Federal Government the EU would need to respond until early April on the legal charges. Due to significant concerns of the internal market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy, the EU authorities had initiated formal proceedings in January. For example, the ban on Internet betting or advertising limits are debatable.

Although the Federal Government is addressed of the Brussels letter, to the world, but the countries are responsible. For more information see this site: patrick matthews. Obviously, they could not agree on a consensus for a common response to McCreevy. You have therefore asked for an extension. Hesse is currently leading. There is already a scandal, as it is the State monopoly in terms of sports betting. Obviously holds one flat to make seats for the best strategy to private competition. Perhaps also a federal country such as Hesse should take just homework.

Currently we are seeing there Yes only bleak political games at the expense of the interests of the citizens”commented Helmut Surtenich, Board of Dusseldorf sports betting provider top betting that is involved among others in the Austrian bookmaker betting corner, the report of the world. In particular the European Championship could have considerable buoyancy a moderate liberalised industry and the advantage of betting enthusiasts to the advantage of people who have found a new job at a private party. But the provinces continue to play on time. A shame that Brussels is enough hand them now apparently.

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