The following information is extracted from the little book of Mr Mario reach entitled UFO Dossier today with some modifications for your perfect comprehension. And trying to summarize the contents so that the subject is not tedious. But the great enigmas of the past do not end here, nor much less. The Peruvian Pacific Coast discovered a strange figures of gigantic dimensions that science knows today by figures of Nazca. For even more analysis, hear from lee marks. These figures, recorded on the slope of low and desolate hills, from which extend across the plain, never had stood before from Earth for the simple reason that, to appreciate them as a whole, must fly i.e., contemplate them from a convenient height. This is what made the American Paul Kosock, which, flying on the foothills of the Andes, in the vicinity of El Callao and the region where the pre inca of the paracas culture, was accentuated discovered curious figures of birds, spiders and fabulous beings, together with a real network of lines straight lines, squares and other geometric figures of difficult identification. tible beliefs. Currently there are two versions about the origin of this gigantic hieroglyphic Nazca: the first and official, gives it Maria Reiche, great studious German, who attributed the cited source to a gigantic pre-Inca Astronomical Observatory, the most wonderful and enigmatic ancient. The second, much more daring, leaning by the hypothesis of a colossal cosmodrome.

But perhaps most revealing that the mysterious figures of Nazca are famous Piri Reis maps, which also require an aerial view, as if the world had been mapped from the air 10,000 years ago Documentation on the Piri Reis is founded on the study of the North American Ivan T. Sanderson. These maps named after Piri Reis owner, Turkish Admiral who took part in the battle of Lepanto; they were previously owned by a driver from Columbus, who showed it to this, settling in his belief that there were land on the other side of the Atlantic.

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