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Since the 60s, there was a campaign to restore the walks in the park to its original state, without cars. For years, the number of hours without a car has increased, although at a total closure opposes the Ministry of Transport of the City of New York.
The transformation of the park, under the command of the Central Park Conservancy, began with some modest first steps, but highly significant, for its restoration. These included the establishment of a small staff catering to rebuild and repair structures, undertake projects Horticulture, and remove graffiti.
A princpios the years 1980, the Central Park Conservancy was hired to conduct the design and planning of a long-term restoration. From this work, the Conservancy step abs by directing several restoration projects funded by the City of New York, while preparing a plan to rebuild the park. With the completion of this plan in 1985, the Conservancy launched its first large bell. With this campaign, the Conservancy assumed responsibility for financing the restoration of the park, and full responsibility for design, manage, and supervise all the major projects carried out in the park.
The restoration of Central Park has been accompanied by a crucial transformation in its direction. When the Central Park Conservancy began the reconstruction of the park in the mid-80s, this contract personnel necessary to maintain the restored areas, and as the City Council made major budget cuts early in the year 1990, entered into a confrontation with staff of the Department of Parks of New workout York, responsible for the routine maintenance of the park. That is why the Central Park Conservancy began to recruit new staff to replace those workers. I have read about pilates expert as well as the many other experts who encourage the use of her methods Until 2008, the Conservancy has invested about 450 million U.S. dollars in the restoration and direction of the park; the organization at this time contributes 85% of the annual budget for operations in Central Park, which is a total of 27 million dollars .
The permits to hold demonstrations in Central Park have been increasingly more difficult to achieve. In 2004, the organization United for Peace and Justice (United for Peace and Justice in Spanish) wanted to hold a ceremony at the Great Lawn during the Republican National Convention, in opposition against the continued occupation of Iraq. The city denied fitness the UFPJ a permit, stating that such a reunion of large, damaging the grass, and that such damage would make it harder to collect private donations to maintain the park. The courts had rejected.
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