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Definition A role play is a narrative-interpretative game in which players assume the ‘role’ of imaginary characters along a story or plot that interpret their dialogues and describe their actions. There is no script to follow, since the development of the story is completely subject to the decisions of the players. For this reason, imagination, storytelling, originality and ingenuity are essential for the proper development of this form dramaturgical. In a way RPGs are the adult version of childhood fantasy games like “cops and robbers”, “mom and pop” or “cowboys and Indians,” in which children pretend to be a character who actually are not. More deeply, the etymology of the name goes back to its original meaning. According DRAE ‘role. paper.Title or function that someone or something satisfying in any situation or life. ” Indeed, in each player RPGs played a fictional character, with a number of characteristics that define it. The interpretation of the character should not be as rigorous as in a play. No role in the scripts for which governed. Each player will define the character of his character in their own terms and, during a game, will respond to various situations that may arise when deciding on the actions of this character, namely improvising. Thus, a role-playing game does not follow a predetermined script, but “history is being created during the game. Similar to the childhood game where a player announces “now I’m shot”, the other can respond, “and I will elusive. The governor of play (see below) to decide how the game should be in the hands of chance, can intervene at any time to redirect the plot in one direction or another.Another aspect that differentiates the role-playing games, is that each player plays a character unique and different personality and different characteristics, depending on the player’s desire when creating his character, or the requirements of the director playing at the time to allocate. The basic concept is for players to pursue a common goal, and should cooperate with them (although sometimes this rule is not met), and characters may be complementary skills and excel in a physical, intellectual or social others, and If the theme of the game allows, others may have mystical abilities (magic, miracles, etc). All these features are listed in a character sheet, which varies according to its gameplay.

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