External Collaboration: “The

External Collaboration: “The names of neighborhoods of Sto. Dgo. … WTF ! ” KB By: ATV This post comes with a conversation in Superchateo, chat official blog. The pod is that this morning we talked about baseball, Hell of Guzman and other things while we were doing something productive Allante in our workplaces. Among one of those many conversations, there is the issue of names of neighborhoods of Santo Domingo. We conclude that the rule for naming a district of this hell is to achieve a chaticas based colmadones and Brugal White and, after the jumo has given the mother to all present and all common sense neurons are burned, for the first name that comes to mind. If that name are not bizarre enough, pour the Cutty Sark whiskey Brugal, and if they survive … the first name that says the survivor is going. Only in this way may have the names of these neighborhoods (NOTE: many neighborhoods left off this list, because this damn city of the devil is too large to name them all). As you will find the name of each district corresponds to a particular wave: The wave of the villas: Villa Farm: as this is a seed-tercemundita bananas, a name must arise that has to do with working the land. Now … when was the last time I planted a yucca even in those parts Villa Duarte: in fact, this name combines two waves, the wave of the villas and the wave of patriotic names because the discoverer of Latin America also deserves its own neighborhood, but I speak later. Villa Juana: where you live ma ‘quel diablaso people and nobody knows how big is that shit. Villa Francisca: … where is that Villa Mella: Either the main entrance to Gotham City, a favorite pa ‘eat sausage, black pudding, jociquito, plug and other aromatic herbs, this is no longer neighborhood, that should be a nation already anthem, flag and typical music itself. The wave of the saints: as this is a country full of pseudo-Catholics and people in Santeria wave pa contend that mounts to the saints as the most, these names are not coerced so that God will punish them (which is a growth like Whatever it is, because Satan came and went as Noel and Olga): Widening La Fe, home of Licey and Chosen … green as the name that sticks for Escogidistas (ugh! Van pal devil both). San Lazaro, San Carlos, San Isidro. The truth, only santeros know who are those people. Cristo Rey, where, as urban legends have, any queen there, unless Christ. The patriotic wave: the names of these sites come from names of people or important places in Dominican history (which most people do not know, as was demonstrated recently in Miss Dominican Republic): Capotillo: Also known as “Silent Hill”, draws its name from the Battle of cape that freed us from annexation to Spain, and the subsequent “Grito de Capotillo” … what fits splendidly to the neighborhood that has hosted the flagship, say, the hottest neighborhood of hell where the devil enters alone, because neither the police and where there are little kids dressed in white playing in the park 3 in the morning … that’s bananas and meringue version of Silent Hill. Espaillat Luperon and … something interesting happens there The miles of Sanchez, better known as the Ka Eme, that they will do an autonomous province for himself one of these days and will have its own troupe at the Carnival, with a carriage full of Underworld …

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