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IdasWorld AG: Mobile phones, video consoles and digital cameras exclusively from brand-name manufacturers of Zurich, in February 2010: online sales of brand products from renowned manufacturers adheres to the beginning of the year on a high level. Many price – and brand-conscious Internet users decide very deliberately for the offerings of live auction houses such as the IdasWorld AG. The current product range of the IdasWorld AG comprises among other top brand mobile phones from Nokia and Motorola, Nikon digital cameras and of course the popular products from Apple including the iPod and the iPhone. The competitive situation in the sector of the live auction houses will be 2010 given aspiring newcomers and an increasing internationalization exciting as never before. Optimally set up sees itself in the current situation of the IdasWorld, which can convince their clients with many arguments of the own business concept. The IdasWorld AG founded first and foremost on a premium range of products that all sits on the preference of demanding consumers for cutting-edge, quality high-quality brand-oriented.

With the continuously new start live auctions of IdasWorld AG, Internet users from Germany, Spain and England have daily chance to bid in particular electronics items at prices that often substantially below the retail price recommended by the manufacturer. In the field of mobile telephony, the IdasWorld AG currently offers brand models of several well-known brands. Desires is and remains of course above all the iPhone 3GS 16 GB from Apple, that in stores currently at an average price of EUR 769,00 changes hands, of IdasWorld AG in recent weeks but typically at significantly lower prices could be purchased. The associated with the current range of IdasWorld AG new touch screen models of manufacturers Nokia, Motorola or Samsung are also high quality. Another advantage for customers of IdasWorld AG: The navigation devices understand maps for Central Europe as a complete range of services including and can therefore immediately be put into operation.

In the consumer electronics sector recorded the IdasWorld AG currently mainly at the 3D-Videokonsole Wii by Nintendo and the XBOX 360 Elite by Microsoft customer a persistently high level of interest. Demand is also high still after the portable game console PSP by Sony. In the field of digital cameras and recorders in particular the devices demand from Canon or Nikon, were offered by the IdasWorld AG in the last few months in different versions. Remain still popular among customers the GPS navigation systems of the Garmin brand and Becker, who have all important comfort functions and are supplied with full installation accessories. The company IdasWorld AG IdasWorld AG is a provider of Internet auctions for items in the areas of consumer electronics, PC hardware, digital photography and other product categories. Only high-quality branded goods will be auctioned by IdasWorld AG. Currently, the IdasWorld AG recorded 30 percent monthly growth rates and is currently planning the Europe-wide expansion of the already very successful in Germany Business model. Headquarters of the IdasWorld AG is a Zurich. Press contact IdasWorld AG Nathalie Senti seefeldstrasse 279 CH-8008 Zurich fax: 0041 44 386 69 70 E-Mail: Internet:


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