Importance of precipitation in engineering

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Many civil engineering works are deeply influenced by climatic factors, among which stands out for its importance rainfall. Indeed, the proper sizing of drainage guarantee the life of a road, a railway, an airport. The knowledge of rainfall extremes and the subsequent sizing of the appropriate organs of the dams extravasores ensure their safety and security of populations and other structures that are located downstream from it. Knowledge of the heavy rains of short duration, it is very important dimension to the urban drainage and avoid flooding in the towns.
The characteristics of rainfall that must be known for these cases are:
The intensity of rainfall and duration of rain, these two characteristics are associated. For a while in return, increase the duration of rainfall decreases its intensity, the formulation of this dependence is empirical and is determined on a case by case, based on data observed on site or at other sites studied with the neighbors same terrain features.
Extreme rainfall, ie, with return times of 500, 1,000 and 10,000 years, or the probable maximum precipitation, or PPMs, are determined for each particular site, with statistical procedures, based on observations of long duration. Rain Designs coloring and printing. The free im tions are located in … Time, Geography, Rain, weather, school, drawings, education, … DK Map digital prediction of rain and snow in Spain. … Cheap flights, 200 flights a day El Tiempo, Forec, AEMET psst! Estrenamos web: Photos …
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