Main Shock Of Impact In Tennis

Tennis Ball includes rapid change, spectacular volleys at the net and so many tough return. The most important impact in the repertoire of each player but should be the premium. More than half of the points are won with the powerful opening of the rally, either directly or prepared. Whether Boris Becker and Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal or Jimmy Connors, they all had many years standing hour after hour with her tennis racket at the base to train the perfect supplement to motion, so it is transformed into flesh and blood. Besides Ausholphase there is the impact and the Ausschwungphase. Even at the eighth Ausholphase you have a few things, so that punch and Ausschwungphase build on it. During the Ausholphase you stand in the ready position, ie the right foot is behind the left and is parallel to the baseline. The weight rests on his left foot, while the left hand holds the bat at the bat-heart. Both arms are held shortly after the bottom. Simultaneously, the upper body is turned to the far right andthe body weight shifted to short right leg. The nadir of this movement to separate litter and Plays and also led at different speeds upwards. At eye level, the ball is now leaving the throwing hand, while the club is located at the rear top acceleration point. The ball is thrown while slightly higher than the highest possible meeting place. The shoulder axis tilts increasingly backward downhill. Simultaneously with the weight shift to the left foot, the knees are flexed. While the knee and pelvis are pushed forward, is passed through the bending of the elbow of the bat over his right shoulder.

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