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February 4 (Bloomberg) – Bruce Springsteen condemned Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc. s treatment of his sold-out tour, throwing its support behind fans who complained they were sent to a company that offered based on a mark-up.
PC Magazine
Ticket Master issued an apology to Bruce Springsteen this week after fans complained about is diverted to the more expensive sister site Ticketmaster Ticket snow while trying to buy tickets to The Boss’ upcoming tour .
Bruce Springsteen and New Jersey’s Attorney General Criticizes Ticketmaster on what seems an attempt to increase costs for fans tickets to Springsteen shows. tremendous history in Israel Ticketmaster has apologized, but the New Jersey Attorney General’s office said that the investigating body.
The Register
condemns the sale of the practice, disses Live Nation merger talks Bruce Springsteen has castigated Ticketmaster after the U.S. encouraged fans to buy tickets online for one of his gigs at inflated prices.
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