Preventive measures of visual fatigue in working on computer screens

Today there are many jobs that demand an outstanding permanent display of alphanumeric or graphic display as part of the equipment. The most widely used screens are the ‘desktop’, which is most commonly used in computers.
The work in front of computer screens can cause visual problems due to limitations of displays and / or misuse of them. The presence of flicker and annoying glare, coupled with poor definition of the image can result in a rapid increase in visual fatigue, especially if the job involves frequent reading of texts on the screen.
To prevent eyestrain on screens that are adequately regulated the size of the characters of the text. You should make a good regulation of the brightness and contrast. The user should adjust each time you change lighting conditions. It is also desirable to regulate the positive polarity and negative polarity of the screen

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Nick Francesco tells a reader that the problems with the computer while surfing the web that sometimes, just do it, that can a computer vulnerable to malware.
The Indianapolis Star
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Memphis Commercial Appeal
When he finished his steak sandwich and fries at a local restaurant Midtown Sunday, coach Mike Nienaber Christian Brothers could hardly believe what he saw on his computer screen as the Division 2 NCAA Tournament brackets were released.
Financial Times
The rapid growth of devices controlled by touch panels such as Nintendo DS and Apple iPhone s s largest maker helps them to defy the worst of the economic downturn.
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