Procedures for recovering

Procedures for recovering debts. In Spain, there are several ways to proceed against the unpaid: One of them is called the payment procedure covered under civil law. Is to make a formal request to the district court stating our local delinquent data, address (if known) and the unpaid amount (Needless to say, that debt must be legally recognized by a commercial document even created unilaterally. For submit the application does not require the presence of counsel or solicitor but this procedure only applies to debts not exceeding 30,000 Euros since otherwise we will file a formal complaint with the trial judge in our town. The debtor may object within the first 20 days, specifying provided legal advice and solicitor. If the debt is caused by defaulting exchange documents (checks, promissory notes, bills of exchange) exchange must start a lawsuit, where the presence of a barrister and solicitor is required .In either case, as in other court sent a notice to debtors of time giving them 15 days to satisfy the outstanding debt plus interest for delay caused. In addition we request that you run the freezing of assets that the debtor has his name until the debt is satisfied, otherwise the seizure shall be final.

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