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LinkLift and the transparency of the linkbuilding! Links could be called the secret structure of the Internet, without risk to run here wildly to exaggerate. The functionality never would be given to this extent, if not links would provide a logical and comprehensible link of Web content. LinkLift has made a step in the right direction as marketing platform for trading with these links and accommodates the company as well as the party of the left halfway by offered solutions to problems and to assume responsibility. LinkLift also ensures absolute transparency in relation to the business with the links. You get exactly what you also want to have.

Negotiations belong to the past with webmasters and debates about the price expectations. Here the interested Internet site owners can count on with a monthly payment that is not subject of the number of clicks on the links. Rather, it comes in determining these payments on the quality and Timeliness of the texts. The positioning of the links in the text, which could be ensured, is crucial in the determination of adequate remuneration. There are of course a handful of different approaches, but one advantage of LinkLift represents the fact that never will be resorted to link collections. Without exception, only pages with editorial background may be, which of course increases the quality of the entire project.

A higher number of visitors is reached through the links and a logical link guarantees based on the content. Only in this way allows the success of smaller pages. The links only bring life in the digital world, because without an address, on which you can use, it will be hard, as to attract store customers at least until such time as the mouth contributes its part to. Furthermore, this need also website owners offers a lucrative way to earn a few euros are so or so a worth.


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