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and Hicham All initiatives are developed in the shadow of occupation and are not directly opposed to this occupation, exhibits trying to directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously (slightly important) to legitimize the occupation and to divert your eyes, as if the occupied people could forget a single second that this busy. Barenboim projects 1 approach to the design of Anwar Sadat to whom the Arab-Israeli conflict was the result of a “psychological block” that had managed to overcome, but the Egyptian people have chosen not Antiquities to exceed this as blocage for war is political, ideological and national ancient Egyptian antiquity (and, cultures unfortunately, religious Muslim Brotherhood) and not galleries psychological. Detail of the sculpture of Smilodon
Glass roof of the museum.
It is a neoclassical building characteristics, the dominant style of the buildings of the founding era in 1968 of the silver. Its construction was carried out between 1884 and 1888, was S. The family who established . Mr. ‘s sons designed by archaeology. There is little or no overlap with antiques architect Frederick Heynemann German and Swedish Enrique Aberg.
The elements of the culture of pre-Columbian history America used for its decoration with no uneven Greek lines, which gives it a unique character.
The plant is a rectangle with two chambers at the ends, with 135 meters at its major axis and 70 meters in the minor is exhibiting axis. The main entrance is guarded by two sculptures of esmilodontes, symbol of the museum.
He has over 20 exhibition halls in spiral tour to understanding the evolution of life on Earth from its origins to the appearance of human beings. It sculptures also has the only collection of Egyptian art in Latin America, which was obtained by Argentine scientists after excavations in Sudan. Is also found civilizations in the largest sample of the Jesuit Argentina. An important collection of American paintings with motifs decorating the hall and access to certain sections of the building.
Underground research laboratories has, on the ground floor samples are biological, geological and paleontological, and in the two trays Brothers Ali and are shown above gallery historical and anthropological collections.
At its left is the Library Florentino Ameghino, belongs to the Faculty of art history artifacts Natural Sciences and Museum of the University of silver.
In 1997 this museum was Ali and Hicham declared a historic monument.

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