Trigger Happy TV

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Trigger Happy TV is a television program of the United Kingdom of Practical Jokes, created, produced and starring Dom Joly, originally broadcast on January 14th 2000 in British television channel Channel 4.
Unlike most of the hidden camera programs, many new cell phone plans of the scenes in Trigger Happy TV involving ordinary people caught in embarrassing situations and impossible. Instead, Joly often mocks himself to more than others, and many scenes to make people stop and or laugh or just wonder what was happening passers are never made known the fact that they are television, presumably to sign a clause allowing the use of diffusion rioja filmed.
Such scenes include Joly answering a giant cell phone and screaming at the limit of his voice (usually in quiet places such as golf courses, cinemas, libraries at&T phones and parks), a chef chasing a great actor in a rat costume outside a restaurant and two cell phone plans actors dressed as masked Mexican wrestlers locked in fights in spontaneous greengrocer. The surreal sketches of the program have been described as being influenced by Dada. Other scenes include people dressed as animals bursting fights and advancement of various pedestrians dressed (like a snail and an old man) through a pedestrian path in London. Joly is often seen as a Boy Scout, a foreigner with very poor English (perhaps his own adaptation of the character cell phone deals of foreign Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook sketch by Monty Python), or a park warden.
The show also included prerecorded laughter, instead of instrumental music that played during the sad and sometimes sketches. Bands like Eels and The Crocketts have been used many times in Trigger Happy TV. Another program related to Dom Joly World Shut Your Mouth, was not laughing.
Three series and a Christmas special of the show were produced in the UK, from 2000 to cell phones 2002. Three DVDs were released, containing the “best of” series and two Christmas specials.
Despite the popularity of Trigger Happy TV on cell phones two continents, Joly said that will do more in Britain since his face and voice are too well known.
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