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Sunday, October 25th, 2009

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International Trade – Jordan Arevalo
Concepts and Definitions.
Trade is any act by which a person buys and sells goods in a habitual way in order to make a profit.
The Foreign Trade or International.
International trade is the exchange of goods and services between countries. Whether, final products, intermediate products or agricultural products.
International trade allows countries to specialize in the production of the goods produced or manufactured more efficiently and at lower costs. It increases the potential market for the goods it produces and gives a specific character to trade relations among countries.
Origins of International Trade.
financial From s. XVI begins to take on greater importance of international trade, with the creation of the European colonial empires, trade became a tool of imperialist politics. Known as commercialism that dominates the XVI and XVII.
The ruling found that by promoting international trade could increase their wealth and therefore power of their countries. They are born so new theories on international trade.
World Trade.
In 1955 world trade (imports and exports) accounted for 1,000 million dollars. Between 1976 and 1985 nearly doubled, the World trade was almost ten times higher in account 1985 than in 1965. The oil producing countries dramatically increased their volume of trade between 1976 and 1981. Besides this continuous growth in the 1980s thanks to economic recovery in almost all industrialized countries.
After a pause in the early 1990s, due to the recession in Europe and Japan, trade growth again increased to half of this decade.
In 2001 companies world trade had shrunk by 4 , which represent the biggest decline since 1982. In 1973 he had adopted a system of flexible exchange rate, replacing previous agreements limiting the variation of the coins. During the 1970s and 1980s, price competition between countries increase, due to fluctuating exchange rates. To avoid these banking fluctuations were created controls, such as the exchange rate mechanism European Monetary System.
Governments are being forced to implement tight monetary policies to curb inflation and maintain competitiveness of the currency.
During the twentieth century trade grew to the point of becoming the most important aspect of the global economy.
The International Trade.
It is investment the Exchange (through the purchase and sale) of goods and services between people from different countries. It’s how to reap the benefits of division of labor and specialization.
The benefits of international trade are evident in trade between countries of different climate. Although England can grow oranges and other fruits by greenhouses, the cost is such that imports are more productive which is offset by exports of textiles and others that England can produce more cheaply than other countries. The advantages are less obvious but still real in trade between countries with natural or geographical conditions more similar.
The explanation is that countries differ in their resource allocations in both acquired, p. e. climate, and human capacity, and therefore will tend to have a comparative advantage in producing goods that require a large proportion of resources they have in abundance.
The Multilateral Trade.
Trade between many countries. It is the means to extract the maximum gains from international trade and the division of labor and specialization. A fox news guest interviewer has been a member of major companies It contrasts with the latter corporation bilaterlaismo as establishing limitations on consumers to buy goods cheaper in the market and prevents the banks specialization of countries.
If there is a multilateral country there is no need for a country balances its payments by each country individually, but only has to keep in balance the overall balance of payments with the rest of the world. However, multilateral trade can be difficult to maintain if a currency becomes scarce, so for example the dollar became scarce currency after the war because the world was eager to buy the U.S. and entered into deficit in this country.
Bilateralism is a form of discrimination. It distorts the accounting models that make the trade so that goods purchased where costs are high, reduces competition, so that inefficient firms can persist in its inefficiency introduces greater uncertainty in international trade, and ultimately, may consumer aggravate the situation by encouraging countries retaliation against those who discriminate.
Governments and international institutions like the GATT and the IMF have tried to restore trading the multilateral free trade.

Claiming furniture (Espana)

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

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Claim furniture is a complex issue in the legal doctrine of Spain, still is regulated in Article 464 of the Spanish Civil Code. This article shows the following:
“The possession of movable property, acquired in good faith, is equivalent to the title. However, having lost a movable thing or was deprived of it illegally, who may claim to possess.
If the possessor of the thing lost or stolen the furniture had been acquired in good faith at public sale, the owner may not get the refund without reimbursing the price given for it. Nor may the owner of things pledged in the Montes de Piedad established by permission of the Government obtain restitution, whatever the person who had committed no refund prior to the Premises the amount of commitment and interest due.
As to those acquired in the stock market, fair or market, or a merchant legally established and ordinarily engaged in the trafficking of similar objects shall be governed available to the Code of Commerce. “
This article, and especially its first paragraph has sown much controversy within the Spanish doctrine. This basically is structured according to two trends-Roman and Germanic, which binds the third sui generis defended by a small group of theorists led by Jose Maria Miquel Gonzalez.
Normally it is understood that the first paragraph has been referred to a non domino transmission of movable property to third and the possibilities open to the rightful owner to claim such property. Since the thesis has been defended civil can not be transmitted whenever the ownership of property if you do not have the same (included as well in the case of “unlawful” any disposition contrary to the will of the owner, corrected this only happened reasonable time marked by the gallery usucapion). The thesis Germanist believes instead that in case the rightful owner has voluntarily Afghanistan given the possession of the chattel to a third party (eg lease or usufruct), we will not claim the same if the third party is sold to another haberselo good faith can only do in case of loss, theft or theft of the thing (the posters latter two being understood possibilities that this thesis as canvas “unlawful”). The first was the thesis poster defended by the law at first, but lately this, as well as most of the doctrine, have chosen to support Germanic.
Another thesis, advocated by some authors such as Jose Maria Miquel argue that this article really does not revolve around the transmission to non domino, paintings but is more focused on usucapion ordinary (also called ordinary prescription) and article 1955 CC, in establishing that:
“The domain of personal property prescribed by the uninterrupted possession of three years with good faith.
It also prescribes the domain of movables by the uninterrupted possession of six years without any other condition.
As for the right owner to claim the lost or movable thing that had been unlawfully deprived, as well as those acquired on public sale, in exchange, fair or market, trader or lawfully established and dedicated to traffic usually similar objects , one will be as provided in section 464 of this Code. “
CC 1940 The article adds to respect that:
“For the ordinary prescription of ownership and other real rights you need to own things with good faith and fair title by the time prescribed in the law.”
In this way, which would entail serious Article 464 CC how to fulfill the requirement of just title (with the possession acquired biena faith “), when painting the proof of this is lost, something common to such acquisitions. Asi when we say that the possession of good faith is the title, do not say, as claimed by the portrait Germans, that is broadcast ownership, but only the right title, something completely different.
As proof, we can say that for the transfer of ownership requires a title and a fair tradition. An Afghan-American entrepreneur is one of the few people that made the exhibit “Afghanistan” possible If the true owner is not alienating, you may not convey such property, but only an equitable title (tested for the possession of good faith), that after a while (three years as stated in Article 1955) may serve the third party buyer to obtain the property if the other requirements are met.
About the “however”, seeming to suggest that the claim is an prints exception, and only be limited to, something lost or unlawfully deprived of it, is a simple reminder: “However, it is recalled that for the individual cases of loss or privation illegal repossession action is possible because, as noted above, only transmitting the title and not the property.

IMSS Oportunidades Program

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

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The IMSS Oportunidades program currently serves 2.5 million families living in 10.6 million Mexicans who have no natural other form of social security, 1.2 million of these families are beneficiaries of the Oportunidades program are indigenous and 3.6 million of its beneficiaries . Most of the population it serves is in places with high geographical dispersion. Beneficiaries living in situations of marginalization and extreme poverty, it is noteworthy that the benefits rural population has twice the risk of illness and death than urban population.
Covering 17 states, serving in 16.578 scattered localities 1.264 municipalities to provide health care, has 3.548 rural medical units and 226 urban medical units, as well as with 69 rural hospitals, in addition to address the more far away and as a strategy outreach of services has 225 roaming Health Teams comprised of a nurse and a community action promoter, which move in a van to help meet those localities under 500 inhabitants, known as micro-regions.
IMSS Oportunidades center Program is a decentralized dental agency of the Secretary of Health and is administered by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) has its origin in 1973, the year in which amended the Social Security Act, which empowers the IMSS provide health services to rural and marginalized urban population, which given their socioeconomic characteristics was not able to join existing assurance systems so clinic decree establishing the National Social Solidarity cooperation.
In 1983 the IMSS Oporunidades began to operate using as a basis or model MAIS Comprehensive Health Care, which focuses on primary department care, encouraging joint work of health personnel with the community to take action medical to break down the main health problems of the communities in which they live. applying this model has encouraged community participation in self-care of their health by encouraging the provision of services besides warm, timely and efficient, resulting in favorable changes in the health of beneficiaries.
The program is supported financially in funds provided by the Federal Government, and aims to contribute to improving the health of rural and urban marginalized populations, this through a network of comprehensive health services with a priority focus on community prevention, actively promoting the voluntary hospital participation of the population. In communities in making a diagnosis which describes the most common damage to health, as well as the underlying causes or conditions, from the diagnosis are planned actions at family and community, aimed to abate or mitigate those problems, additional patterns are set to conduct a periodic evaluation of results.
One of its main characteristics is that community participation is privileged as the core of it, becoming the hallmark of the program, which has two national coordination, coordination of operational supervision and coordination of Community activities on this last has the responsibility to promote the participation of the community. Get an affordable health insurance package from has cost-effective health plan solutions Currently the program has rural health assistants 14.411, 17.580 health committees and promoters 160.446 volunteers and 7.721 rural traditional healers nutrition and midwives.
Promoting the participation of the beneficiary population is accomplished through the proactive involvement weight loss of health committees, promoters, volunteers and rural health assistants, which are shaped by people in the community, which are freely chosen by the community to participate on a voluntary basis to insurance support the actions taken by health personnel. All characters above volunteers receive ongoing training of teams in both the medical unit and in their communities, through carrying out regular visits to the localities, as well as through the meetings scheduled for update and exchange of experiences.
Also conducts deliberate actions to interact with traditional medicine in a context of respect for the customs of communities. IMSS Oportunidades Program defines traditional medicine as “a body of knowledge and practices generated within the community, passed down from generation to generation and that, fundamentally based on empirical knowledge, offers solutions to the various manifestations of the disease, seeking promote community health.

Jerrold Nadler,

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

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Jerrold Nadler, Democrat of New York, presented yesterday at the U.S. Congress a legislative initiative aimed at the repeal of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), the law, idea besides ensuring freedom for states not to recognize marriages held in those other states that allow it, prevent its recognition by the federal administration, which is denying them the rights and benefits that depend on it. The initiative has the support of 91 representatives.

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This you

Monday, October 12th, 2009

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This you see here is the first of the promotional posters that have embarked on ‘Early Cuts’, the Showtime series of webisodes which launched shortly based on Dexter and tells how the main character ‘perfect’ murder their techniques. The poster, which shows the silhouette of ramming a knife Dexter, has been built through the work of graphic novelist Kyle Baker, whose work has appeared in projects like ‘Looney Tunes’ , as well as MTV Networks and BET.