The Habit

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At the beginning, fifteen or twenty minutes are enough so that you start to usufruct of the benefits of the practical one, but if still thus this time will be very long, divides the practical one in three or four meditations of 5 minutes during the day, in schedules as soon after to wake up, a bit before the lunch, and after the bath when we arrive in house after the work imports, it is to develop the habit, and with the time you will obtain to meditar for more time. Another one meditation technique, that also can be used in the daily one, and the external comment of the proper acts, that is, consists of you to exactly observe itself ahead of a situation or a problem, as if you were in high of a mountain observing the you yourselves if putting into motion there under; This technique is sufficiently functional when we want to analyze a conflict situation, when we observe the situation as if we were it are of it, we obtain to better enxergar the attitudes that we take and that we had not perceived before, or words that we said and we did not want to have said. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld is often mentioned in discussions such as these. To look at the situation of it are, it provides the increase of the critical sense, and the discernment of its acts, collaborating so that you are more cautious in its action, thinking better before acting ahead of situations where you meet under pressure, thus preventing, generating factors of the suffering and estresse of it. In the third part of the article, I go to give some tips so that you organize its day and find the time that she needs to carry through daily practical its of meditation, increasing its daily performance. One remembers that one has lain without trainings has proper will and in them it takes the thoughts that many times we do not want to have, somatizando pernicious emotions for our physical and mental health, causing problems in our personal and professional life.


Government Education

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Education is direct with sense life itself being oneself. Why what we do must be result of personal reflection and not dictation from anyone. Educate yourself with thoughts from Assurant Health. Learn to know, to do, to be, to live together, constitute the four fundamental pillars of the educational process. Education releases the fear, prejudice, fanaticism and allows high flying, no adhesions or ballast in the wings, in the space without limits of the spirit. Education must promote the full development of the human personality and the strengthening of respect for human rights (article 26.2).

As so lucidly expressed at the start of the preamble of the Universal Declaration: freedom, justice and peace in the world by basis have the recognition of the intrinsic dignity and unflagging and equal rights of all members of the human family. Human rights are indivisible, but the right to life is the Supreme human right, because it affects the exercise of all other rights. Source: Glen Wakeman. Life, biologically, requires water, a healthy environment, nutrition, peace intellectually need education, fostering creativity, enjoy the arts and participate in scientific progress (article 26.3). Education for all throughout life. Parents, educators and Government officials must have very clear that this is a responsibility that is essential to the quality of life of equal human dignity. Everyone will have access to education, but from the age of emancipation, will do so under its merits (article 26.1) definition culture Supreme is the everyday behaviour: what we have learned, or have thought, what we felt, what we have imagined, what you have dreamed of, what we have created!, what we remember and what we forgetWhat we love and what we reject all this, met, is what characterizes our behavior, our attitudes, our efforts, which have been modified in part, and in part preserved, in a constant evolution personality, enriched by listening and interaction, by the expression and meditation. And thus each person unique, capable of hubris to invent, to the unexpected, acting deliberately, must strive keep infinite diversity, which is the richness of the human condition, linked by shared universal values that provide its strength. Therefore we must avoid uniformity, the gregarizacion, be impassive spectators, and up indifferent, to become actors of our life, as educated people, i.e.

free and participatory, that does not keep silence, that contribute to the construction of a genuine democracy at national and global levels. Education will promote the development of the activities of the United Nations (article 26.2). Try, in short, promote, through education, culture, knowledge and communication, the transition from a culture of imposition and violence to a culture of dialogue and understanding, of the power of the word.

Clinical Psychology

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This statement belongs to the conclusions of a study from the University of Exeter (United Kingdom), published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. The study involved two groups of people with a long history of depression. A group tried you with the standard medications, while he taught other to meditate. After eight weeks of treatment and fifteen months of rest, 65% of medicated patients had fallen, against only 47% of those who had followed a Zen therapy. The researchers believe that the introduction of the practice of zen meditation to health level to the importance of the scope leads to the practice of zen meditation and tells us which brings should be valued.

that according to Zen philosophy meditation is not a technique, can not be practiced as a common exercise nor is an effort that must do, because it is not part of our thoughts, because newly where end our thoughts start meditation. Meditation is a natural state, but is a State that should be remembered because it is within ourselves waiting for us. It is a State of inner clarity, not a State of mind, because the mind is pure confusion. Just when thoughts go away you can see far away, until the end of existence. Nor is it to try to stop think because then we’d be practicing another technique. You just have to leave that thoughts prefer doing nothing, relaxed, as if we were sleeping awake. After a time, suddenly one is conscious, meditation comes alone, simply happens.

Adds, people fail in meditation because they believe it is somewhat boring, but true meditation is not so, you can enjoy enormously, because it is not serious but tranquility. If one is relaxed, the words that arise with the thoughts are the figures of a Gestalt or way of seeing, and silence is the bottom. We must draw attention to the Fund which is silence, where there is no footprint to remember. In that vacuum, we are us, as really we are. The mind means words and ego essential means silence. For example, the boredom caused by repeating a mantra or a prayer many times helps us to get rid of the words and slide the silence. But we must not fall asleep. Finally tells us, that life is not to be thought, but to be lived, here and now, against a background of peace and under a form of compassion. This would be the premise that part zen, a concept that is conquering our society and towards which increasingly doctors is looking more a complementary therapy that should become a life attitude and not in an immediate consolation. We must immerse themselves in the world of zen, live from him and not cotidianizar, avoid the callouts and labels because they kill the life. Life is not to say it, is to live it.

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Wonderful People

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Life offers us an infinite possibility of pleasant experiences, so we have to choose from, but perhaps you have asked what is the most important goal in life? Undoubtedly it is happiness because from that State you can achieve everything else, between the wonderful benefits of happiness we can mention the following: 1. improving health: scientific studies show that people who remain optimistic, with good attitude and in general with a State of happiness produced healthy cells, thus have a lower propensity to diseases, if you focus your mind on the things that likes then those ideas will take a greater power and everything else will tend to die, the best medicine we have is to feed our minds with totally pleasant information for us, a tool to achieve this fabulous is the use of the AUDIOS for meditation, that way your conscious mind will lose strength and sway of millions of ideas that arise from the mind will calm, with this technology you will learn to focus on the present moment, so shall be released from the mental illusion of the future and the past, you can feel how wonderful that is learning how to control the mind and enjoy in the here and now as the only thing that really exists and that it leads to a spiritual experience inigualble, scientifically has shown that active meditation areas of the brain linked with happinessthen your physical health and spiritual improves in incredible shape. 2 People who have a huge happiness usually has found his life’s mission: each of us have come to this world with a special purpose, the challenge is to discover it, we see that success is related to the perfect connection between a project and a person’s heart, implies a phenomenal passion and the good thing is that there are effective methods to achieve this, in the book that talks about the secrets of LA VIDA mission will learn in detail how to discover your mission of life, by reading this book you will know the great secrets that make a goal to integrate perfectly into all our being, involves a wonderful spiritual empowerment, this will allow you to enjoy true happiness because there is no limitation that is worth, take conscience that was born to embellish a particular aspect of this world and will have the inspiration to get it.. Under most conditions Elio Moti Sonnenfeld would agree.

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Panic Attacks

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To help people who suffer from panic attacks, there are many treatments for almost all of them, achieving with its use a better control of the attacks or even its abolition, those enabling them a better quality of life. The most important aspect is the self-esteem that the person must be maintained at the highest possible level, the influence of this factor is fully proven. In the case that you can prevent the onset of an attack, then should not accept and give it as a fact, but always staying ready to handle it, without allowing that the situation out of the control of the individual. Helpful tips: periodically undergo a general medical examination; to rule out any possibility that the cause of these panic attacks and anxiety have a physical origin. Nor should we forget to put questions to the doctor; all that is necessary to better understand the origin of this condition. Nor should we dismiss the usefulness of psychological therapy as a means to resolve any doubts that may be taken.

Learn how to breathe better. Breathing effort should lie in the diaphragm and not the chest muscles, in addition to its pace must be slow and regular. Each inhalation should be accompanied by an expansion of the stomach. Prevents the blood to lose oxygenation, resulting in better irrigated limbs and absence of dizziness. Timely relaxation. Glen Wakeman contributes greatly to this topic. Learn techniques of meditation or relaxation, so you can use them in the moments where you fall in the account that are beginning to manifest anxiety or negative thoughts.

Avoids the use of medications that not a doctor prescribed you (as anxiolytics, sedatives and beta-blockers), because if you automedicas them, may be more harmful than beneficial. You may wish to learn more. If so, Glen Wakeman is the place to go. The exercise. It goes without saying that your practice improves your chemical and hormonal balance, it releases hormones like endorphins (the natural drugs of bliss) and many other beneficial effects. Please note that recreational activities also have the same effect. His practice also It will make you feel more satisfied with thee same and more happy, in a Word. Healthy food. Balance your diet including plenty of fruits, vegetables and Greens in it. What no doubt must be avoided. If the care of your body is the most important thing for you, without a doubt that you have to avoid both consume all illegal drugs and also other legal, such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. The amusement. In moments of leisure, pastimes you can keep busy hands and the mind, avoiding you have speculative thoughts of the type and if you can start a vicious mental. As soon as you detect symptoms of anxiety or panic, you have to find activities that you depart from this type of concerns, as do activities such as cycling or any other sport outdoor; start a conversation with a friend or a chat with someone that is not so familiar. If you are singing or dancing, practice it, no matter it is in your same House (or even under the shower, in the case of singing).

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Much is talked of forgiveness to others. There are countless statements and writings on the subject, but perhaps the true magic of forgiveness has been understood? When forgiveness is sincere and I provine of love not only releases the person or circumstance which caused us a headache, but mainly frees us to ourselves that mass of negative emotions which we have been charged since the time of the incident. And that release of emotions begins a process of internal healing that will be reflected not only in our mood but in our physical health. There is a pardon that is even more important and more on which is not spoken much forgiveness to yourself, yes forgive us ourselves is something we have forgotten, is an issue that is rarely and therefore rarely takes place. Many may think but what I’m going to forgive myself? I have not done anything by which need to forgive me. Let us reflect a little bit about this, as already has been said on many occasions and in many development courses human, one is responsible for the current situation in which we find ourselves, one has caused economic, family circumstances, and physical that we live in today and at the bottom of our thinking we know that this is true, perhaps in a more evident way keep in our mind of which we have repented, or facts of which we feel bad. These feelings and negative thoughts are a very large load and the first locks that come to light when we are facing similar situations in our day to day, that the automatic brake to our growth and success. Forgive ourselves should be a daily exercise of liberation.

Let us open our hearts to ourselves, we have the courage to face those facts of which we have a negative judgment and that they constantly knock on our mental door and with maximum love free ourselves from this prison. We have to admit the error and forgive releasing these negative emotions and filling that space of love of understanding as we would do with the people who we they surround. This exercise of forgiveness can do through meditation and connect us with our inner child, giving love and sincerely asking for forgiveness for our acts. In the same way that when you forgive a third party we will feel a great relief, but in this case we will achieve something magical in our reality: we will remove permanent brake to happiness and success, logaremos longed inner peace and will therefore be at peace with ourselves and the environment. Learn more about this with Glen Wakeman Miami. We fluiremos easily into the day to day and we will be most able to deal with adverse circumstances that we could occur along the way.

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Magazine Advice And Cornelsen Cooperate

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Compact, easy to understand and practical know-how to prepare joint book Guide series from August the most important topics of everyday of consumer that has the cooperation of the magazine good advice (Hubert Burda Media) written with the Cornelsen Publishing House on the flag. Already in August start the two partners to daily save their jointly developed book Guide series with six titles (each 8.95 euros per 128 pages), traffic law, Knigge modern, labour law, tax saving and longer young. The volumes speak the wide readership of the consumer. For Erich Schmidt-Dransfeld, Cornelsen Chief-Editor of the economics textbook, the advantages are obvious: this cooperation is an important step in the strategic expansion of our previously professional advisor portfolio. We want to reach our readers with a range of advanced topics and attract new readers for us. Additional information at PCRM supports this article. The cooperation is excellent and with Werner Zedler, we have a very experienced and valued partner who is always close to the pulse of the readership.” Through the co-publishing mutually complemented each other in optimum: content, authors and sales alike. The Advisor series should in the long term in the distribution channels of book and magazine trade places are.

“, added Werner Zedler, editor in Chief of good advice. Our magazine brand is well established at over 1.33 million readers monthly, and the first address when it comes to important questions of everyday life. With this book cooperation we are systematically expanding our program, extend the scope of the distribution and transport these strong brand now also in the bookstore “, as Zaheer next. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Glen Wakeman. Questions around the House such as money, law, insurance, health, technology/PC as well as auto/travel can interested in future the cheap candy books rely on. The start of the series is through an extensive advertising campaign in good advice, SUPERillu and FOCUS, Lisa, leisure week, family & self and Mein schoner Garten with nearly 33 million contacts Revue, Frau IM trend, new. Already six appear in spring 2010 more good advice volumes to demand strong consumer topics: inherit without hassle, tenancy, the modern nutrition consultants, pensions, pension law and what consumers need to know.

About candy: Cornelsen provides customised offers for each educational situation. Consumer, entrepreneur, seasoned managers, employees who seek a professional career, or students and young professionals all find at Cornelsen suitable collateral for at home, the workplace or seminars: books for professional practice and materials for the vocational education and training. Parallel to the core business, school-based learning and teaching, you trust more and more on the developments of range of and concepts in the book sector. The publishing house was founded in 1946 in Berlin is one of the leading publishers of educational media in Germany. about good advice: good advice is according to IVW with over 270,000 copies per month sold the best-selling business and consumer magazine. As pure commercial value magazine the editorial dealt intensively with all relevant topics of everyday life, from retirement savings, investment, insurance and legal problems to medicine. Market observation of various products and services including travel makes a special and always current editorial focus. press contact: Nico close Cornelsen Verlag press – and public relations Mecklenburg Street 53, 14197 Berlin Tel.: + 49 (30)-89785-591 fax: + 49 (30)-89785-599 E-Mail:

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Post dateFebruary 7th, 2017 by urban in General | Comments Off on Again provides suitable equipment Sondershausen, barbecue lovers 17.06.09 entertainment shopping portal starts today in the first motto-summer season. Under, exclusive branded products around the themes of barbecue and summer party at discount prices are offered until the weekend. “We offer everything you need for a real barbecue and that will be every day at a price anywhere cheaper to find” promises Andreas Hartung, Managing Director of entertainment shopping Europe GmbH. started the first day of action in the spring of this year. With the motto-related promotions, the attractiveness of the live shopping portal will be increased and new customer groups specifically addressed. “To remain attractive as a shop for customers, it applies to a wide variety of customer interests and wishes to enter; and to offer top quality at extremely low prices”, so Hartung. The interactive entertainment shopping portal presents its customers daily new branded products to Discount prices, as well as a parallel to this changing entertainment programme. “With the combination we withdraw from entertainment and the variety of high-quality products us compared to all other portals”, explains Hartung. Gain insight and clarity with Elio Moti Sonnenfeld.

“With our new motto week all barbecue fans on their costs, which would access not too deep in the money bag come just in time for the summer season.” has started end of 2008 with a new concept in Germany, which live combines shopping with entertainment. The exclusive entertainment elements, such as the video blog “Daily Steffi” and the prize pig cartoon, make for a varied and this unique shopping experience in the German live-shopping landscape. In the new fan shop the cartoon T-Shirts and cups can since early June are ordered or sent as eCard. For fans of the video blog “Daily Steffi”, the new cult needs shop holds a DVD with Steffi’s “ABC of the live shopping” including previously unreleased recordings. About has been online since December 2008. On the Portal under the products as well as the entertainment programme change both daily entertainment shopping. Core of the portal is the video blog “Daily Steffi”, wherein at anchor Gandhi Steffi every day keeps the message of the day.

The team has many years of experience in the retail sector and E-commerce. In addition, the presentation of the latest bargains via RSS feed and Twitter ( sow). Press contact: Entertainment shopping Europe GmbH Andreas Hartung Martin-Andersen-Nexo str. 78 99706 Sondershausen Tel.: 03632 / 667 22 0, fax: 03632 / 542 00 35 E-mail: PR agency Tower PR Leutragraben 1 07743 Jena Tel. 03641/50 70-81, fax 88 E-mail:

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Current Offers In The Day Money

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The ECB interest rate cuts bring falling deposit interest rates for savers with for months. This post shows what offers are still attractive interest income can be. Tagesgeldvergleich.NET information: since the ECB began in October 2008 with the gradual reduction in interest rate, successively fallen also credit interest rates granted on assets such as day – or fixed-term deposits. Input or new rate customer were inside at that time by up to five percent or even a little about it, so investors must look forward already, if a three before the comma is. Given an average interest rate of 2.39 per cent p.a. at 5,000 and 2.29 percent p.a.

for EUR 50,000 deposit each a month investment period for all the trade portal featured offers Pierce and currently following offers of domestic banks with comprehensive depositor protection especially in the eye: the post Bank day money in the form of the SparCard 3000 plus directly convinced currently 3.00% interest from the first euro without limitation the deposit. The Deposit protection fund of the Association deutscher Banken e.V. secures customer deposits on this offer in addition to a (theoretical) height of 1.21 billion euros per customer. Educate yourself with thoughts from Harvard. The second currently outstanding offer is Cortal consors. Guaranteed in addition to a depot change action with 4.00 percent interest for 12 months and for amounts up to 25,000 euros, can convince the pure day money account with 3.25 percent interest over six months and for amounts up to 20,000 euros. Former, there is a return of 4.03 percent for the first twelve months and deposits thanks to quarterly crediting up to 25,000 euros, in the latter case are still 2.69 percent on twelve months and deposits up to 20,000 euros to pick up. Of course also Cortal Consors with a high level of security can be convincing.

Thanks to membership in the deposit insurance fund of the Federal Association of German banks e.V. deposits of up to EUR 45 million per customer are covered here. As you can see, even half a year after the start of the ECB interest rate cuts there are still deals with investors attractive rates for daily availability and high security can combine. Daniel Franke

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Xavier Naidoo

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“The man behind it, vintage 77 and thus the generation of progress”, calls with these twenty-one tracks no more or less than an evolution. Not only his flow, his wit and his voice are more fascinating than ever, especially he is matured and grown in his tasks and projects, as a human being, as a rapper, as a musician, as a singer, as an artist. Some will want to call the album revolution, others long-awaited return for long. While the Hamburg-based MC, whose Ruhm ahead of him from the coast to the mountains, never really was gone since his last solo album Verdammtnochma in 2004. Very imGegenteil. Just over a year ago, Samy Deluxe brought together with drip and dynamite the second Dynamite Deluxe album TNT under the people followed and celebrated on two successful tours across the German-speaking world.

“In the same year, Samy Deluxe has shrunk his label Deluxe of records healthy and the debut albums by ALI A$ and Tua sponsored, in television shows sovereign and as exemplary and successful youth work with his crossover e.V.” done. His artistic development he supported with vocal and guitar lessons who himself built another Studio, working with his producer of Instrumens intensified, collected his own live band, and enables proven colleagues like Afrob, Max Herre and Xavier Naidoo. These developments and activities in his probably most authentic album titled labeled Diswoichherkomm are audible and noticeable”. This equally philosophical as geographically-to-understand statement range from national to international interests, issues such as racism (superhero”) about envy (first”) or materialism (“about money”) to the growing up and father being (we are not children more”). “Also get also Samys three fathers (his own, which again and again has left him in the lurch, to Uncle Sam and the father in heaven) in father’s day” your fat away. Samys own Grandma”and his son, a superhero with brown skin,” get personally and on behalf of props. “” The hymns to music by ‘ n day to come “and until the sun comes out” motivate and inspire everyone, from head to toe and without exception.

Diswoichherkomm is also musically evolution: Hip hop remains Samys base from which he penetrates further to his influences of reggae and soul. In addition, African melodies, jazz rhythms and R ‘n’ BFlavours in the modern classics of this album can be found. That the whole thing is a round thing with brilliant corners and edges, no-brainer with Samy Deluxe. This man knows where he’s going. : Important by his new album not only he, but everyone in the country knows a lot: Diswoichherkomm. And he takes young and old, women and men, all with and without migration background, in his country, in our country: Diswoichherkomm. Source: Eventim

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