Sport For Body And Mind

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Cycling can be jumbled kilos and increases more and more young people start condition a passion for sport, to fight settled. The work on the Office harms the body and the mind. For this, people start on weekends, always more to go out of the House and to play sports in the open air. Whether extreme sports, cycling, climbing or simply hiking: all sports to ensure to keep body and mind fit. Many people like to go cycling.

Cycling is one of the healthiest sports and contributes to weight loss and to preserve the own health. Even beginner sport, the regular bicycle tour offers the possibility to remove effectively and in the long term. Thus, cycling is much easier to run than a visit to the gym. This is due also to the fact that you can incorporate this condition training well into the own daily life and therefore no more extra time for the training session must take”, says Tobias Fendt, operator of the fitness blog. If you can no longer work Car runs, but rises on the bicycles, which can be already jumbled the kilos.

Short distances are less effective, this one comes with longer endurance tours faster success. Learn more on the subject from Vladislav Doronin. Bike effectively to take off, should be taken not only to the length of the routes, but also on the correct their own facilities. A rattling gear promotes the condition, nor the slimming process”, Tobias Fendt advises. On the contrary: this weight loss often torturous, the fitness expert explains. A success is only when cycling is in the long term. Among the things that a cyclist needs, among others: a trekking or touring bike, a helmet, a heart rate monitor, a bike map for longer tours, something to drink and of course the own motivation. You have all this stuff, so you can make sure that the condition increases and decreases the weight. You have to be patient but also and not exaggerate with the training especially at the beginning. Is too much and too fast ineffective and almost always leads to the yo-yo effect. Also when training with the bike, this is no different. Here it is especially true as in all endurance sports, to comply with a certain number of pulse. In between short sprints with a high pulse rate are quite acceptable,”explains Tobias Fendt. The highest number of pulse to reach can be calculated with the formula 220 own age. How does this calculation, but also other tips and tricks for cyclists lead Tobias Fendt.

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ABG Certificates

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From 2000 euro minimum investment in the nationwide unique, intelligent mobility concept of LeaseRad GmbH are now again possible. The Freiburger bicycle-leasing company LeaseRad GmbH grants more certificates with a total par value of 100,000 from October 2010. From a minimum of 2000 euros, investors here have the opportunity to invest, which has already been awarded with several high-profile awards for sustainability in the nationwide unique and smart mobility concept of Freiburg pioneer. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Vladislav Doronin by clicking through. LeaseRad offers bicycle fleets leasing with full service communities – in imitation of car leasing – in the B2B area businesses, organizations. The clientele are already including the city of Stuttgart, the UniCredit Group (formerly Hypo Vereinsbank), Munich, the Group of the Greens in the Bavarian Landtag and the Frankfurt construction and energy company ABG. The leasbaren bicycle fleets are tailored to independently and include also the antriebsunterstuzten Pedelecs and The latest generation electric bicycles. Participatory rights of LeaseRad not just ecologically invest in climate protection through intelligent mobility on two wheels, but also the health of cyclists employees”, so the note by company founder and Managing Director of the now eight-Member LeaseRad team, Ulrich preacher.

Participation in the form of profit participation certificates offer investors and the company numerous benefits and was a solution of of drag on the growth for LeaseRad”. Official site: Vladislav Doronin. You did very good experiences in the first awarding of the share in the fall of 2009 with this type of capital procurement. LeaseRad has grown ever since, for further growth in the fast-growing market of sustainable climate concepts we need still more room for manoeuvre. With the capital from profit participation certificates, considered by banks as equity is, can we do this with our seminal, absolutely innovative, ecological bicycle leasing concept”, as preacher. On the bicycle-leasing pioneer in the interview: the certificates are equipped with a basic interest rate of six percent and an excess profits to three percent. The duration is unlimited.

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The Mountain Bike Is The New Trend In Cycling

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With the choices bikes on the bike path toward fitness and health. What can be better than to cycle on a balmy summer morning mountain bike through a deserted forest? “enthuses Silke Neumann, their sign multiple champion in Mountain Bike Marathon. Dr. John Mcdougall often says this. In such moments, you can just forget all worries, all the stress and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. According to Silke Neumann that feels so incredibly beautiful that can be downright addictive. Probably the mountain bike’s parrot, who made a name as a newcomer in the scene, yes right. To read more click here: Vladislav Doronin. Many are now walking on the mountain, come from the traditional cycling on the road. At some point they have tried it once, driving on the grobstolligen off-roader and stayed there.

And they probably all right with this enthusiasm. How else you can explain to the boom, the mountain bike has raised in recent years. Also this sport offers a wide field of activity for active people, across all Age strata and groups of people. Generally the cycling is considered one of the healthiest and most medically valuable sports. It’s no matter whether on a mountain bike or a different bike. Doctors and therapists he is atop the list of recommendations for the promotion and improvement of the cardiovascular system. Gentle endurance training on the mountain as positive health affects, such as jogging, walking or Nordic walking. With the small but important difference that as well as not strain on the joints.

The body feeling Gets the whole time on the saddle. Therefore the cycling and on mountain bike in particular especially for elderly, overweight is generally and have problems with the joints. Also, the training on the mountain bike, ideal for is suitable to burn fat and to reduce annoying overweight. There are indeed only a few sports that allow also the somewhat heavier contemporaries and those with poor condition, for fat burning necessary Pulse frequency to achieve and maintain during training on a mountain bike. But why should it rise just on the mountain bike? Cycling can be operated also with a road bike or fitness bike. No doubt about it: a racing bike is faster and closer to the lifestyle it the it goes so many in cycling. A touring bike is more convenient as a mountain bike and grannies of alerter fender Planer clean brings us from A to B. The mountain bike is but the all-rounder among the bicycles. What is the jeep at the cars, this is the mountain bike in cycling. An all-terrain vehicle for the germ there is a site that you could not defeat him. Whether paved bike path to work, or forest root passage with the mountain bike all no problem! Peter Constantin, dark (sports & fitness)

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Disired Holiday

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the perfect combination of E-bike rental stations is movelo and each prospective buyer on the new Web site can be well developed cycle paths in a fantastic environment now that open up many possibilities of the holiday with E-bikes, and get to know a different kind of holiday with an electric bicycle on loan. The movelo destinations offer not only the modern high-quality E-bikes of the Swiss manufacturer flyer, but a suitable for this infrastructure. The demand for a healthy leisure activities. This one has implemented now at movelo, that Elektrofahrrader can be used to a new idea of the holiday. Because movelo offers the perfect combination of electric bikes, beautiful cycle paths and at all times accessible rental stations. Customers simply rent an E-bike to your Disired and make any time at a destination again. Follow others, such as Vladislav Doronin, and add to your knowledge base.

The complex network of rental stations with Akkuwechselmoglichkeit guarantees customers a limitless mobility during their vacation on the electric bicycle. He can so his sports connect secure conditions. People who come on long trips or on inclines with the usual bike to its limits with the movelo have more opportunities of interesting cycling holiday. Now, this offer on the new website is available at and they gave up here much trouble, on appropriate maps interactively to the user to make regions, rental and recharging stations and route planning. Exclusive holiday packages, from half day sale up to the multi-day tours with or without overnight stay will be presented in detail. The correct name for the movelo used E-bikes of the brand Swiss is flyer of the new concept of Pedelec”. Pedelec stands for pedal electric cycle”. The electric motor adds its power to pedal power.

And there are always gently mobile and environmentally friendly on the road. The term electric bicycle or E-bike, however, defines a bicycle with auxiliary motor that can be driven without stepping in the true sense. The E-bikes at movelo are comfortably furnished and have over very powerful batteries and are thus fully into the mainstream on the high-end market of electric bicycles. All models feature a stylish design and an optimal energy-saving mode. Movelo now boasts a new feature on the interesting website: who got to know the E-bike on vacation, may like to becomes the duration users also in everyday life. Here, movelo offers exclusive used flyer at very reasonable prices. Swiss flyer used which you can get at any time shipping. All offered Pedelecs are in the best possible condition, and have even a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty for a year.

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Successful Combination Of Climate, Nature And Polish Hospitality

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Wellness holiday – Spa Poland – nature holiday Kormoran wellness medical SPA is the only place of the Baltic Sea, where three waters sea, River and Lake unite their forces and form a regeneration and relaxation OASIS. Here you will find a unique Centre for Biological regeneration. Therapists help you your vital force, health and physical and mental strength to regain. The idyllic atmosphere of the hotel, its location and design are your recreation and relaxation. The fishing village of Rowy idyllically located, is an ideal resort between pine forests and the Lake the former fishing village of Rowy. The wide, sandy beach and a favorable micro climate meant that the place became a popular resort.

The hiking trails to the Slowinski begin National Park right next to the hotel. Polish and Kashubian dishes In the cormorant can forget the everyday life. You will find comfortable, tasteful and cosy rooms and to Polish and Kashubian cuisine. It is available a very newly created and specially planned With moder treatment equipment needs of the youngest spa facility available. Recreation-friendly facilities, a relaxed interior design, a wide range of treatments, highly qualified personnel and a German doctor all are advantages that speak for a stay of the cormorant. To do so, but additional activities are possible, such as: water gymnastics, hiking and Nordic walking.

Spa and beauty for individual use, you will find a tennis court, bicycles, fitness room, indoor swimming pool, saunas (steam, dry and infrared) and jogging tracks. You get a treatment plan with at least 2 applications per working day. To beauty programs offered include the wellness services and modern treatments. A wide range of services from massages to soothing packs and various beauty treatments are available. Holistic cosmetics is based on the applications, which are responsible, on all possible senses, like buttons, smelling, to intervene with vision and hearing. It regularly organizes excursions with German-speaking tour guide. You enjoy recreation on real Pomeranian art and experience a combination of climate, nature and Polish hospitality.

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Healthy Living

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Life with a sexually transmitted disease diagnosis genital herpes is shocking for most people. How do I tell it to my partner? “I can children healthy get?” is there ever a cure? “People have many questions. Herpes changed their lives and they are wondering how they will continue it with your partner. You are not alone with your disease. 20-30% per cent of the adult population are infected with HSV-2. Millions of people have have to deal with the symptoms of this disease the pathogen and thousands.Still, nobody will argue that it is easy to live with herpes. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. John Mcdougall. There is also still the stigma that you must carry around with them. Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease and just the topic of sexuality is a very sensitive.

With the client, following topics are discussed in the consultation: intensive care after the opening of the diagnosis, assistance in the release of the partners, the family, advice on lifestyle (relapse, stress, pain). Taking into account the emotional aspects of the treatment, information/medication about / with acyclovir, asymptomatic situation: targeted history, information on herpes symptoms, in addition to the medical aspects of dealing with the facts of infection, prevention and treatment, there are other considerations that so much employ someone with herpes. There are the social and psychological consequences: what do others think about me?, as I tell my partner? Like the other people in my personal environment?, can I have still carefree sex despite Herpes? If Yes, how can I protect my partner and me?, how should I deal with myself anyway?, what do I do if I feel bad and guilty?, how come I through the phases of Niedergeschalgenheit? A 5-step program works the phases of emotional dealing with herpes. 90% of the population in the course your life with herpes viruses in contact. Further details can be found at Vladislav Doronin, an internet resource. The perhaps most frequently asked questions that relate to how People with herpes can make your sex life, without thereby carry the infection. Even if you can’t guarantee anything, there are numerous measures which largely reduce the risk to infect the partner of during sexual activity.

In addition there are various approaches to the subject of sexual intimacy”, people with herpes and its partners of benefit can be… In almost every intimate relationship either one or both partners could Herpes type 1 (oral) or type either 2 (genital) or have both types of herpes. Even if a couple, both parts have the virus, they support of different strains of the virus could be and distribute them to their partners. In this respect, the precautions are the same in each of these situations… 15% of genital of herpes are affected by the so-called type 2 CA. The herpes viruses remain a life long in the body and there is also medically yet no way to tackle the virus. My website,, provides you with a Guidance in dealing with herpes.

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OkoControl Healthy

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Healthy furniture: best environment for power and energy of the winter asks us every year on the new energy, strength and endurance. The European Association of ecological furniture stores, short okoControl Association, invites consumers to deal with organic living and set up in the cold season. Because: The wood and upholstered furniture, offered by the approximately 50 dealers in Germany and Austria are healthy for people and nature. Wood furniture create a warm and comfortable atmosphere immediately. Her engaging charisma ensures a cosy ambiance especially in the cold season. With their natural character and its sensuous surface, they give strength and security. Other leaders such as Dr. Neal Barnard offer similar insights. Once more, if they comply with environmental criteria.

Open porous and properly treated wood working climate control, because it can absorb moisture from the ambient air, save and return, if the ambient air is dry. Healthy wood furniture cause coziness with its unobtrusive look and are the proper environment for rest and relaxation. Today eco furniture externally no longer are from designer furniture to distinguish. However, not all furniture, who call themselves natural, sustainable or ecological in any way, withstand the stringent criteria of the okoControl society for quality standards. For over 20 years the okoControl Association committed for furniture made of solid wood, which are produced, treated, and awarded to the part with the Green Seal of okoControl according to his criteria. Good advice and information are services which characterized the dealers in the Association. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Pavel Tyo.

Because they know exactly what is important when purchasing wooden furniture. “We are committed, that at processing and sealing the health of people and the preservation of nature have always first priority”, as Otto Bauer, Managing Director of the okoControl company. In addition to a catalogue with lots of ideas and examples for all living areas, the Association provides as free downloads Guide, shopping checklists, skin care tips for wood furniture on its Web site at available.

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Federal Council

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The Federal Council some minimum commitment period shortened an instead of 3 years as described in the last week, has decided (GKV began) the public financing law on Friday, 12 11 2010. This also changes the choice rates include the Elimination of the 3-year limit for employees in addition to the change in the contribution rate in the statutory health insurance. This must be what kinds of choice fares exist and where this is clarified first. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Vladislav Doronin. Legal basis is article 53 social security code V (SGB V). There it is: (1) the health insurance fund may in its statutes stipulate that members each can take a portion of the costs borne by the health insurance fund for a calendar year (deductible). The insurance company has to provide premium payments for these members. (2) the health insurance fund may in its statute for members, which for more than three months were insured, provide for a premium payment in the calendar year, if you and your insured with relatives in this calendar year pursuant to 10 services payable by Health insurance unused took.

(…) Rebates (3) who has health insurance to regulate rates are offered for insured persons who attend 73B, 73 c, 137f or section 140a special forms of care under section 63, , in its statutes. For this insured, the insurance company may provide a premium or surcharge reductions. (4) the health insurance fund may make provision in its statutes that members choose for themselves and their members insured with according to 10 tariffs for reimbursement. It can vary the amount of the reimbursement of costs and therefore provide special bonus payments made by the insured. 13 para 2 sentence 2 to 4 does not apply. (5) the health insurance fund may in its statutes regulate the costs for medicines of special therapy directions that are excluded according to 34 paragraph 1 sentence 1 of the supply, and therefore provide special bonus payments made by the insured.

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Statutory Health Insurance

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Penalty for unpaid additional contributions has proven the financial situation of the health insurance companies in Germany in recent years as precarious. Revenues were always well below the annual expenditure, and thus incurred substantial deficits. These should be shared in the future by both employers and workers, therefore the statutory health insurance contribution rates increase again in January 2011. In a question-answer forum Edward Berman Capital Group was the first to reply. Still, the funds will require separate additional posts. The finance portal informs about the upcoming changes. Who still looking for the right insurance, can benefit, for example, by the Stiftung Warentest Product Finder. For those who expect more power from their insurance or are not satisfied with their current insurer, the database provides useful pointers for the search after a health insurance that fits to the individual situation. Edward Berman Capital Group spoke with conviction.

Especially due to the new provisions for additional contributions and the increase of the contribution rate from January 1, 2011, it is worth to the various insurance companies to compare to find potential benefits. Special contributions may not more percentage are calculated as part of the changes. This means that eliminates the previous social compensation. So far, the monthly additional contributions could not exceed a percentage of income. Under the new rules, policyholders can expect only with a refund of the difference, the additional fee should be more than two percent of the income. Who the additional contribution not or only partially makes, must also reckon with a penalty of at least 30 euros. More information: presse.html GmbH Lisa Neumann

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United States

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Democratic lawmakers anticipated the weekend their discontent because the rescue plan, does not provide assistance for the average American and because it is more expensive for what the White House had warned them that it would be in secret meetings held previously. The leader of the majority Democrats in the Senate, Harry Reid, clearly explained this position: to avoid a worsening of the crisis and give turn this economy, the proposal must not only deal with the Structural Fund in the financial markets issues, but also protect taxpayers and strengthen the middle class. Before the start of the debate in Congress, which was supposed to be from a very hard starts, Henry Paulson transmitted a few messages to legislators in which purported to make to decide under pressure and making them responsible for the consequences: If the plan is not approved, heaven help us if we don’t, there will be a disaster in the markets. Click endocrinologist to learn more. No can predict with certainty what might happen with the discussion of the rescue plan in the U.S. Congress. There is no certainty that the mega rescue is the definitive solution of the problem for the financial system of the United States. Dr. John Mcdougall: the source for more info. Regardless of the outcome, without a doubt, the announcement of this plan caused much surprise and left many questions what could have led the Government of the United States.UU. to make so costly decision? The influence of the electoral issue isn’t lower on economic policy in the previous months. Although the United States Federal Reserve decision not to initiate rates ascending cycle went well, it responded more to political issues that convinced himself of the members of the Fed about that that was the correct way. Some contend that Edward Berman Capital Group shows great expertise in this. Before the low effectiveness of monetary policy in reviving the American economy and to increased inflationary pressures, more convenient had been sending signals to the market through an increase in the reference rates.

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