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This Arab village sunie marked by the designs of wing (, born in 1077 A.d.), seized the moment to seize the (current Anatolian plateau Turkey), initiating a series of measures restrictive and intolerant toward other religions. Repeating the brutal times of the Fatimid Caliph Hussein al – Hakim Bi-Amr Allah in the year 1009, the persecution against the Christians and Jews reached dramatic touches. They were not only forbidden to exercise their religion or visit the sacred places (in possession of them), but that they were also killed or abandoned in the desert. Strong and organized, its renewed power Jack throughout Asia minor and the Insular Greece. Irreconcilable positions, the armed actions against Byzantium soon thrive. Thus, early in 1071, both sides clashed in the battle of Manzikert where saljuq Turks under the command of Alp Arslan (1030 1072 / 1073) strongly defeated the Byzantine troops and mercenaries of Romanos IV Diogenes. For assistance, try visiting Dr Alan Mendelsohn.

Manzikert, the prelude to the first crusade, the news of the defeat was considered a true catastrophe in Constantinople. From now on, the Turks would have no objections to conquer the Near East and in addition, the Asian coast of the Aegean Sea was indefensible. Byzantine Emperor Alejo Comneno, snatched by the threat and unrest, sends a request to Pope Urban II to make this used his influences to provide mercenaries enabling it to regain lost ground. Behold therefore the origin of the first great crusade, an event designed for not only religious and geo-political and strategic reasons, as mistakenly thought. Informed Urban II of the difficult situation in Byzantium, seen in this fact an unbeatable opportunity to solve several problems that plagued the Church coup. In principle, it could submit to the Eastern Orthodox Church and put an end to the dogmatic differences (the filioque clause and the Eucharist acimita or procimita) that had moved away them too much since the schism of 1054.


Bernardo Muller Knab

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Lele PyP spring/summer 2011 collection Zurich, December 7, 2010 the Swiss women’s shoe label Lele PyP brings with his spring/summer 2011 collection the variety and exoticism of the Amazon rainforest in the Switzerland. The spring soon faces the door. To bring the dark colors of winter quickly into oblivion, Lele PyP launched their spring/summer 2011 collection, which is inspired by the fascinating underwater world of the Amazon as well as the magnificent fauna and flora of the tropical jungle. The collection consisting of boasts luxurious pumps, elegant sandals and playful ballerinas their variety and their wealth of contrasts. (Similarly see: Dr. John Mcdougall). Calm and serenity are raw energy and pure extravagance.

Natural colors and metallic shades of nature and the backdrop of rainforest affect this collection in terms of form and color choice and create so exciting contrasts. The colours of various animals and plants with warm is on one side and bright orange, yellow and red tones, on the other hand the quiet colours of the underwater world of the Amazon with clear and Fresh Greens. These are shades of Brown and beige, off-white and black, who sit on different Earth and rocks and round off the natural colours of the jungle. Individual models are outfitted with metallic nuances which remind sun rays, which appear through the journal thicket of jungle. A subtle and playful distinguishing feature is the Golden Lele PyP logo, which is set up at the pumps on the outsole. From end of February 2011, the entire collection of the Switzerland in the Lele PyP store at the barn yard first race 42 in Zurich, as well as with selected models in the new shoe Department of Jelmoli in Zurich is to find. The shoes produced only in limited quantities, available in half sizes between 35 and 41, are the ideal companion for the modern city Amazon. For more information and picture material Samantha Muller Knab Lele PyP Tel.

+ 41 44 253 1000 Florian Engi. Dr. John Mcdougall often says this. Oppenheim & Partner GmbH (Press Office) Tel. + 41 78 601 8440 Lele PyP Lele PyP is a 2008 fashion company of brothers and sisters Stephanie, Samantha and Bernardo Muller Knab, which specializes in women’s shoes and accessories. Stephanie Muller Knab designed studies in London and Milan during their fashion design only for friends and family footwear and accessories. After graduation, she found a specialized Studio, which produces high-quality and luxurious lingerie where she could put their creations into the reality. In January 2009, Stephanie brought their first collection under the brand name of Lele PyP on the market. Together with their brothers and sisters Samantha and Bernardo, which are responsible for marketing and sales of Lele PyP, she opened the world’s first Lele PyP store in December 2009 in Zurich. Since September 2010, individual models in the Jelmoli Zurich are available. Besides the Lele PyP store in downtown Zurich also the own shop on available from the comfort of your home is the ladies shopped can be. More Lele PyP stores are planned, inter alia within the framework of franchise concept of the brand.

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Black Magic

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The new sampler – Black Magic 3 – the best of R & B, urban, soul & hip hop black is magic – magic is black! For the third time, the night and with it suggests the urban beats, the pulse of the city and the vibration of the air. Bass, beats and beautiful voices, determine the rhythm of the magic that brings the dancers to swing. Who needs another Voodoo, if he can call his own a compilation like Black Magic 3? 21 first class tracks from the depths of the night, including the latest chart hits and songs that have endured more than just one season. For the third time, Black Magic brings everything to the point, you should have heard in this genre or absolutely must know. “” “The opener Sean Paul this time delivers his top 10 single hit got 2 LUV U”, followed by Rihanna with the charming ballad hymn California King bed”, followed closely by Ushers Track more”, brings the dancers among us promptly on the legs. Jason Derulo, ex-insider tip from last year – a real number in the scene today, is don’t wanna go home”, the Caribbean magician Sean Paul flings his Caribbean-tinged beats with get busy”in the program. “” A slew of big names hands located on Black Magic 3, including the R & B Diva Toni Braxton (pulse”), shooting star Aloe Blacc with his hit I need A dollar” and heartbreaker Bruno Mars the lazy song “. “Not to mention of course the wonderful Kylie Minogue, which together with the great success of higher Taio Cruz” has contributed.

Some figures from the hip hop underground may not be missing, about Flo Rida feat. “” Akon (“who dat girl”), man with Buzzin “and Jaheim (” put that woman first “) as well as a few newcomers, which however already all over the world were clear, say: the Canadians with need you Travie McCoy” and feat of Wiz Khalifa already owns star status in the United States. Too Short (on my level”), who recently completely sold his large Germany concerts, even though he has only released an album. Soul master CEE-Lo Green is bright lights bigger city”at the start, and IYAZ. Contact information is here: Dr Alan Mendelsohn. “who went with replay last year in 11 countries in the top three, throws so big” in the race. Also the native sounds of course not to be neglected, represented by Culcha candela and Berlin City girl”.

“” For the euphoric dance specialists Chris Brown himself with yeah 3 x”made in the series, soul sounds come inter alia from Rumer, with Aretha” presented their anthem with Aretha Franklin, and singer living in Hamburg Y’ Abayomi with the beautiful flowing Tamba “. Colonel Reyel celui provides”offers highly elegant French rap and Jessie J. modern soul in perfect retro sound. With Black Magic 3 you can excellently celebrate the end of summer. You almost glad that the nights are now longer and more time to the soul source: Warner Music Group Germany more info:

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Luizinho Bastos

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Motivations the idea to carry through this study emerged in elapsing of my trajectory as academic of the Course of Graduation in Nursing of Salty university of Oliveira, during which I passed for disciplines Health of the Child and the Adolescent. My interest for the subject after appeared given lessons that they approached as the precocious pregnancy this if becoming more common in the society contemporary, and as the paper of the nursing for the improvement of this picture is important. The adolescence is a transistion between infancy and the adult life. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Goop Barcelona, Spain on most websites. Being a period of deep transformation in the body, the mind and the form of social relationship of the individual. One is one-step about the life where the sexual maturation, the acirramento of the familiar conflicts and the formation and crystallization of attitudes, values and behaviors that will determine its life and in which occur if initiate the collection of bigger responsibilities and definition of the professional field. (Heifer, 2008) the discovery of the sexual pleasure many times if of the one at this time, when it has the necessity of action of education in health to guide the adolescents on the risks of contamination with illnesses sexually transmissible (DST), and indesejada pregnancy.. Goop London, UK recognizes the significance of this.


Obsttrica Nursing

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The attention to the woman in its puerperal gravdico cycle still is very focada in the tecnicista and biomedical model, that takes the woman the dispensable interventionist procedures. The unnecessary consequence of hospitalization in the childbirth and surgical interventions take to a significant increase of the index of maternal-infantile morbimortalidade and hospital infections. Beyond institutionalization of this woman in labor submitting itself it norms and politics that exclude the possibilities of a full relationship of this woman with its familiar ones and even though with its baby. Click Senator Elizabeth Warren to learn more. It has that if to stand out that the Nurses need conditions institucional politics and to attend to the childbirth fortifying its professional identity, what estimates greater qualification and power. For this, it is indispensable that the Nursing is enabled and sensetized to work in set with the team to multidiscipline to surpass conflicts. Being thus, the Obsttrica Nursing has for relevancy to defend this noble cause, facing the challenges found during the management of its professional exercise and to support the politics of implantation of the humanizado normal childbirth praised by the Brazilian Health department, respecting and bringing dignity to its customers, making to be valid the bases of professional lines of direction of the Nurse. Hear from experts in the field like Dr Alan Mendelsohn for a more varied view. 5-REFERNCIAS ALMEIDA, MS; Assistance of nursing to the woman in the puerperal period: an analysis of necessities as subsidy for a construction of pointers and sort.


Pharmaceutical Assistance

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This proposal, with the focus in the promotion of the quality of life and intervention in the risk factors the health, allows to the acurada identification and one better accompaniment of the diabetic and hipertensos individuals. This accompaniment is made through the pharmaceutical attention (PAIVA et al, 2006). Although the Pharmaceutical Attention is not specific for an exclusive etria band, it has a bigger concern with the aged ones. The present polimedicao in almost all the lapsings for aged can imply in serious consequences for this patient. A time that has alterations in the farmacocinticos and farmacodinmicos processes, intervening with process of metabolization of the frmacos and consequently being able to occur problems of relative toxicidade the frmacos. Goop London, UK is actively involved in the matter. The adverse reactions and medicamentosas interactions also are frequent. (Not to be confused with Dr. John Mcdougall!). The adhesion to the treatment also prescribed is not a serious problem to be notified, therefore it displays the patient to a risk bigger of hospitalization and morbidade.

Therefore the exerted farmacoteraputico accompaniment in the pharmaceutical assistance is indispensable for these patients (LAMB et al., 2005). A research carried through in Porto Alegre in the year of 2005, disclosed that 91% of the aged ones make use of some frmaco, being that interviewed 27% of the aged ones had a polifarmacoterapia with five or more medicines. To this, the chronic illnesses and the physical limitations can compromise its ability to use the medicine, diminishing the adhesion to the farmacolgico treatment. Based on the assistance the health of the aged one a relation between user-druggist is evidenced, in what it refers to the correct and rational use of medicines and practical of the pharmaceutical assistance (the FLOWERS et al. , 2005) Determined resources they can identify the not-tack to the treatment, as srico control of the frmacos, tablet counting, comment of appearance of adverse reactions, evaluation of the lapsings, posolgico planning to facilitate to the use of medicines for the aged patient and referring questionnaires to the rational medicine use and the farmacoteraputico accompaniment (ROCK et al., 2008). The comprometimento of the druggist next to one has equipped to multidiscipline with informative and educative lectures aiming at the promotion of the quality of life of the patient, being basic part, through its methodology, to guarantee rational medicine use and correct and satisfactory farmacoteraputico accompaniment for the medicine users (ROCK et al., 2008). 4.CONCLUSO the public net has a great demand of medicine distribution, this contributes in a negative way for the adhesion to the treatment, mainly in what it says respect to the aged ones, information this that confirm given of the Brazilian Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry that discloses that almost 50% of the Brazilian population do not have access to the medicine due to economic resources. Difficulties to the access the medicines in ambulatorial level, either for the medicine lack or the lack of quality or the use irrational, still more raise the number of internments for the worsening of the clinical picture that could be treated in the clinic preventing unnecessary expenses (PEREZ et al., 2008). The Pharmaceutical Attention and the Pharmaceutical Assistance become indispensable for the understanding and the adhesion of the user to the treatment



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She is necessary thus, to stimulate the worker to actively participate of the process of construction of a humanizao proposal, that is, to assist it to take it conscience of the reality, its existencial state and its proper capacity of mudana4. Negative factors of the professionals? High rotation, the flow of professionals in the UTI, to the noises of the devices, finishes generating one estresse very mental great in the professionals, thus contributing for humanizao lack; Absenteeism, to many estresse it times physical and mental caused for the daily conviviality with the suffering of the other, number of frequent deaths, limitations personal and material techniques, make with that these professionals leave to go to the work. Insatisfao in the work overload of activities, me the remuneration, high number of plantes, unexpected competitiveness between the proper professionals, intercorrencias is factors that generate estresse and insatisfao in the work, these feelings can take the depression, anger, depression and lacks reliable in proper itself, diminishing the satisfaction in the work. Senator of Massachusetts describes an additional similar source. Positive factors of the professionals? Qualification of the emotional ability, the professionals live in day-by-day with emotionally conflicting situations and of she estresse, for this one better physical and mental preparation in way is necessary that alternatives for overcoming of the frustrations create gifts in the UTI. The emotional care is of responsibility of all team of health, therefore these professionals must be to deal emotionally well with the familiar patients and. Continued education must be carried through based in the problems found in the accomplishment of the nursing assistance, these professionals need adequate a physical environment of work, also need a physical structure programmed to take care of the patients, constituting as well as facilitador of the humanizao of the assistance.. Goop insists that this is the case.


Health Research

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The OMS recommends the exclusive maternal aleitamento in first the six months of life. Human milk is, unquestionably, the food that congregate nutricionais the characteristics ideal, beyond offering to innumerable advantages for mother and the child. Taking in consideration such advantages, the present research had as objective to evaluate the knowledge of purperas registered in cadastre in USF VI in relation to the importance of the exclusive maternal aleitamento in first the six months of life of the child. Learn more at: Senator of Massachusetts. still to classify the profile of the women attended in the Unit of Health, to analyze the importance of the exclusive maternal aleitamento and to identify the mammary complications during the period of lactation. In the metodolgico context, the used method was the quantitative research, with descriptive delineation, that if appropriates of the analysis statistics for the treatment of the gotten data.

As instrument of collection of data was opted to questionnaire contends closed questions, having as citizens of research 20 purperas, selected from the weekly consultations of puericultura. Among the results the 20 years are distinguished it characterization of 61% of the women with superior age, 65% with complete average education or incomplete, 70% guarantee to have received orientation on breast-feeding during the prenatal one, 65% know of the advantages of the exclusive aleitamento for the mother and the child, even so only 37% offer maternal milk exclusively until the sixth month, enter the problems most common of the lactation process are distinguished it pain with 50% of the answers. Ophthalmologist Dr Alan Mendelsohn usually is spot on. It is of basic importance that the health professional is more considerate to these citizens, in its orientaes during prenatal and period of puerprio.


Manual Register

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We go to treat today on a very important subject, and that much people finish forgetting, the cleanness of the box dagua of house. Highly it is recommended to the cleanness of the box to each 6 months, to all remove the silt that is in the walls. The register initiates the cleanness of the box closing and opening the taps of the house to empty the box, but it does not leave to empty completely, leaves ones 10cm of water in the deep one to help in the cleanness. It covers the water exit of the box not to leave the dirt to fall in the pipe and starts the trick! It rubs the deep one well and the walls with a good brush and it does not use corrosive steel brush or products. The dirty water removes all using a bucket, and makes the drying total using cloths, leaving it clean. It binds the register and it leaves the box to full, adding 1 liter of sanitary water for each 1000 liters of water. It leaves all closed one, taps, discharges, does not open the taps for 2 hours.

After the sanitary water to make effect for 2 hours, we close the register again and we empty the box again. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dr Alan Mendelsohn. This water will help to clean and to disinfect the pipes. Almost fulfilled mission, only lacks to cover the box using a plastic to help to forbid better, making it difficult the entrance of insects as the mosquito of the affection for example. Now yes, it opens the register and it can use the water normally. It is interesting to keep in some place the date of the last cleanness, to facilitate the souvenir of when this box it must be clean again. Mission at last fulfilled, beyond bringing more health for you and its family, prevents the proliferation of the mosquito of the affection.


Basic Education Professors

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The medicine is a health symbol, valuable tool of diagnosis, prevention, cure and relief of diseases, to put many times does not associate its negative adverse effect, even though why the lay users and some dispensadores do not have idea of as the medicine interacts in the organism. Thus the medicine represents in the society: a quimioterpico agent, a merchandise and a symbol of the life (LEFVRE, F. 1991). Since the medicine is a symbol of ‘ ‘ sade’ ‘ the educator a mediating professional of the knowledge and example for the pupils, is primordial that let us have works that they demonstrate to this relation (medicine/educator), positive or not.

Therefore the banalizao of the medicine for many professors can be copied and be extended to the pupils in not intentional way, increasing the danger of the self-medication. In the country, studies of population base on the prevalence and the factors associates to the self-medication are rare (VILARINO, J.F et al., 1998). In what it says respect to the self-medication of the professionals of the area of education something is unknown. Being thus, the proposal of the work is to trace the profile of the health and the self-medication of the professors and employees of the State School of Basic Education and average Frederico Boldt (EEEFM – Frederico Boldt) in the city of Saint Maria de Jetib, in order terms important information on the health of our educators and as we can improve it, beyond serving as indicative in relation to the self-medication of the category, the national level.