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The Appearance

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

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A quandary in confirming or not it exists association of the exacerbada ingesta of alcolicas drinks and coffee with the increase of the risk for the development of the cancer of pncreas. (FIELDS, 2003). Metstases The malignant tumors have capacity of invasion and dissemination that results in the production of metstases, main characteristic of the cancer. Metstase constitutes the secondary neoplsico growth, at a distance, without continuity with the primitive focus. The evolution of the malignant tumor includes some phases, that depend, to a large extent, of the speed of the tumoral growth, the agency-headquarters of the constitutional tumor, factors of the host, ambient factors etc. The tumors can be detected in the phases microscopical, daily pay-clinic or clinic. The biological history of some tumors allows that they are foreseen when the injury still is in the phase daily pay-neoplsica. injunctions in the area of the health can if guided well, to print a deep modification in the natural evolution of the tumors, being led the precocious disgnostic that not only allow to apply the treatment in the initial phases of the injuries, as well as, what it is more important, treating the injuries daily pay-neoplsicas and, with this, preventing the appearance of the tumor.

(HEALTH DEPARTMENT – virtual Library). Pancretico cancer the adenocarcinoma of the pncreas is a cancerous tumor that if it originates in the cells that coat ducto pancretico. Approximately 95% of the cancerous tumors of the pncreas are adenocarcinomas. These tumors affect the men almost two times more than what the women and are discrete more common between the individuals of the black race that enters of the white race. The adenocarcinoma of the pncreas is the two three more common times in inveterate tabagistas. (MANUAL-MERCK, 1995). Currently the World-wide Organization of the Health enters more than four million fatal victims of the cigarette each year.

The Weapon

Monday, November 19th, 2012

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There I passed the arm for its belly and I leaned my face in its hair, acariciando with the tip of my nose. Later I whispered in your ear: – Love I you, my love! He swims goes separating in them! When I said this, you always if capsized she kissed and me. We made love and later we slept agarradinhos one in the other. It was thus for how much time, Eduardo? Three years? We were so happy. We lived in a perpetual Moon of Honey! One day I passed very badly and fainted. You were working and alone I in house. He falls and I beat the head, that it hurt and it bleed very. When I woke up I was so scared, later you it arrived it took and me to the doctor.

It made a mount of questions and ordered to make examinations. After that day I only got worse, until he came the diagnosis of the cancer with a death sentence! He did not have nothing that could be made. I meagered in the bed. I was lean, pale, ugly. But you did not leave my side, my love! You me did not leave alone nor one instant at least. He was always optimum husband of the world! In my last sigh you pressed my hand, saying she loved that me, and later that I left, closed my eyes crying As love I you, Eduardo! As love I you! I am thankful for that it made for me! It is because of that I say: – You are mine, Eduardo! I am the only woman to who I loved of truth! You have that to be with me! Essaznha does not go to occupy my place! It does not go! My love, knows that weapon that you bought to protect the house of thieves? It can helping in them to be together of new! You need to leave this body, Eduardo. He needs to leave it to be with me! Chord, my love, has waked up! It goes there and it catches the weapon! This my love! You need to catch it, load it, to place in the mouth and to set in motion the trigger! Thus we only go to be able to be together of new.

now forever! Eduardo, is me that you love. Its life without me has not felt. There it forgets this and the children it. It comes with me, comes? It makes this for me, us. It makes! It dies to come back to the arms of its first wife!